Dream about Rat/Mouse Meanings

Rat often plays the bad role in daily life and implies something bad in dreams. The dream of rat suggests you will have trouble with a close friend or family member. In dreams, the rat also implies sex or enemy. For a housewife, the dream of rat suggests the difficulty in family life. For a doctor, however, the dream of rat may imply an infectious disease.
Dreaming about catching a mouse suggests you may suffer losses because of a dishonest friend.
Dreaming about scaring or driving a mouse away suggests you will overcome difficulties or defeat the enemy.
If the rat escaped in your dream, it means you should consider whether your struggle is proper.
Dreaming about fighting with a rat suggests you may suffer from social barriers and have trouble in communicating with others.
Dreaming about a lot of rats or the place is infested with mice suggests you may encounter a series of failures or problems with sex.
Dreaming about a rat boring a hole in your room reminds you to be careful about a thief.
Dreaming about a rat on your clothes suggests you might be slandered by someone you trust. If the rat ran into your clothes, it means you may be involved in a scandal.
If a mouse bitten your body or clothes in the dream, it implies you might be framed up or in trouble. If you fought bravely in the dream, it means you will overcome the difficulties. For a man, the dream is a propitious sign of removing ill fortune while for a woman, it suggests you are prone to illness and should take more care of yourself.
If you were bitten by a rat to blood in the dream, it suggests you might be framed up by a vile character and suffer property loss.
If your finger was bitten by a rat in the dream, it suggests your family member or friend may have some difficulties and they need your help to go through.
If your toe was bitten by a rat in the dream, it implies more problems in career, such as discord with colleagues, distrust from boss and threat to job, and you are suggested to restrain your temper and learn to endure.
Dreaming about killing a rat suggests you will defeat the opponent and get increased property or income.
Dreaming about a dead rat suggests the end of dilemma and the good luck.
If a rat was caught or killed by a cat in your dream, it predicts your enemy may kill each other and reminds you do not allow others interfere in your affairs.
Dreaming about a white rat guiding you is a sign of working with others to start a new career, and you will live a rich life but exhaust mentally.
Dreaming about a rat playing in the tree suggests you will get a promotion or a high reputation.
Dreaming about a rat on your bed suggests you are quite green-eyed. For example, you are envious of someone who bought a new car.
If you dreamt that a group of rats in the house made your house in a mess, it suggests you will suffer property loss, fall sick, or have a road accident.
Dreaming about a choking or crying rat suggests the accident or property loss caused by your children or descendants.
Dreaming about a dancing rat is a sign of injustice or failure in career and reminds you to be discreet.

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