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    Years of the Pig

    1923 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019 2031

    Occupying the last position in 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, Pig is mild and a lucky animal representing carefree fun, good fortune and wealth. Personality traits of the people born under the sign of the Pig are happy, easygoing, honest, trusting, educated, sincere and brave. The possible dark sides the Pig people are stubbornness, naive, over-reliant, self-indulgent, easy to anger and materialistic. They are sometimes regarded as being lazy.

    Chinese: 猪 (Zhū)
    Earthly Branches: Hai (亥)
    Energy: Yin
    Five Elements: Water (Shui)

    Lucky Things

    Lucky Flowers: hydrangea, pitcher plant, marguerite
    Lucky Gemstone: Ruby
    Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 8
    Lucky Colors: yellow, grey, brown, golden
    Lucky Directions: southeast, northeast
    Best Match: Sheep, Rabbit, Tiger

    Unlucky Things

    Unlucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9
    Unlucky Colors: Red, Blue, Green
    Unlucky Direction: Southeast
    Worst Match: Snake, Monkey, Pig

    Pig Horoscope

    Lucky Numbers: 12, 4, 8
    Lucky Colors: Green

    In 2018, Pig will be blessed by some auspicious stars that will bring you happy events, such as wedding, promotion, pregnancy… At the same time, some inauspicious stars will bring a lot of troubles to you, although they will not pose a major obstacle on the overall fortune.

    Yearly Horoscope for Pig Born in Different Years

    1971 Pig 1983 Pig 1995 Pig

    2018 Horoscope for Pig

    Best Months: January, February, June
    Worst Months: April, October

    Pig 2018 monthly horoscope

    Monthly Horoscope for Pig


    Pig will be in Ben Ming Nian in 2019. You will conflict and torture Tai Sui, which will cause disaster. In addition, the impact of several inauspicious stars will make your overall luck even worse. Fortunately, you are blessed by two auspicious stars which can improve your leadership and temperament and turn ill luck into good.

    2019 Horoscope for Pig

    View Pig Horscope

    The pig, closely related to us is thought to be clumsy, lazy and smelly. While, scientific research shows that they are clever and pretty clean. There are wild boars living in mountain forests that are thought to be ferocious. It is said that when a group of boars walk together, the leader will erect his tail to show him as the leader. It is the same as the people born in the year of the Pig. If they are supervisors in an organization, they always remember to show themselves as the leader and sometimes may act arbitrarily.
    Warm-hearted, honest and tolerant to others, the people under the Pig sign are always full of friends as they are faithful to them and set a high value on friendship. Whenever a friend is in need, they will help without hesitation. Also, they dislike quarreling and are magnanimous to let bygones be bygones. So, they usually can get along very well with others. Although thought to be materialists, they are not stingy and would like to share what they have with others.
    In career, once meeting frustration, the Pig people is easy to lose confidence, care too much about other’s sneers, and thus look down on themselves. Therefore, try to calm down and communicate with colleagues are important at that time. On the other hand, they are diligent and always spare no effort to finish the duties. So, good luck often favors them. They are also patient in their jobs which make them good teachers.
    Their shortcomings are too kind-hearted to easily believe in others, lack of responsibility, near-sighted and only paying attention to the present. Also, they are not good at money management. Please click for more about Pig Personality Traits.

    Pig People's Personality by Five Elements
    Click the following links to get personalities and horoscope for the five types of Pig.
    Water Pig: 1983 (Feb. 13, 1983 - Feb. 01, 1984)
    Metal Pig: 1971 (Jan. 27, 1971 - Feb. 24, 1972)
    Earth Pig: 1959 (Feb. 08, 1959 - Jan. 27, 1960) and 2019 (Feb. 05, 2019 - Jan. 24, 2020)
    Fire Pig: 1947 (Jan. 22, 1947 - Feb. 09, 1948) and 2007 (Feb.18, 2007 - Feb. 06, 2008)
    Wood Pig: 1935 (Feb. 04, 1935 - Jan. 23, 1936) and 1995 (Jan. 31, 1995 - Feb. 18, 1996)

    Pig People's Personality by Blood Types
    → Pig People with Blood Type O
    → Pig People with Blood Type A
    → Pig People with Blood Type B
    → Pig People with Blood Type AB

    Years of the Pig

    Start Date End Date Associated Element Heavenly Branch
    02/04/1935 01/23/1936 Yin Wood Yi Hai
    01/22/1947 02/09/1948 Yin Fire Ding Hai
    02/08/1959 01/27/1960 Yin Earth Ji Hai
    01/27/1971 02/24/1972 Yin Metal Xin Hai
    02/13/1983 02/01/1984 Yin Water Gui Hai
    01/31/1995 02/18/1996 Yin Wood Yi Hai
    02/18/2007 02/06/2008 Yin Fire Ding Hai
    02/05/2019 01/24/2020 Yin Earth Ji Hai
    01/23/2031 02/10/2032 Yin Metal Xin Hai

    Compatibility with other Animals

    Each Chinese zodiac sign has compatible or incompatible signs according to their characteristics’ compatibility. If your find your signs are compatible, you could get along well in most cases. In opposite, you need to do more effort to be together harmoniously.

    Following are the compatibility chart of the Pig with other signs. → more about Pig Compatibility.

    Best Match

    Lively Pair

    Worst Match

    Best Birth Dates, Months and Times

    Pig's Fate by Birth Time
    The birth time of people plays a very important role in terms of whether the destiny is auspicious or not. People under the Pig sign born in different time periods will have different characters and fate. Those who were born and will be born between 05:00AM - 07:00AM, 07:00AM - 09:00AM, 03:00PM - 05:00PM and 07:00PM - 09:00PM are most auspicious.

    Best Birth Dates
    The Pig people born in the 4th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 17th, 24th, 29th or the 30th day are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.

    Best Birth Months
    If you were born in January, February, April, September or November, you are lucky guys. Following are personalities and horoscope for Pigs born during these months.
    January: The Pig People born in January are of great leaning and ability. Good fortune favors them for their whole life. Also, they are blessed with a long life, good health and happiness.
    February: The Pigs with the birth month of February are very talented, kind and full of vigor. They are lucky to get help from the elders and assistance from benefactors. They could be very dignified and healthy during the life.
    April: With the birth month of April, they are clever, talented, frank and honest in nature. Also, they usually are fast thinkers and eloquent. In their life, they could live comfortably, happily and gloriously.    
    September: Having ample food and clothing, the Pigs born during this month are free from toil and worry. They could enjoy a leisurely life like a fairy. However, they should do more exercise to ensure a good health.
    November: The Pigs born in November are smart, easy-going and also have good features. They could get respected from other by their honesty and sincerity. No matter in family or career, they are usually free of worries and pains. The whole life for them will be safe and happy.

    Note: The dates and months above are based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find the corresponding day and month in western calendar.

    Ideal Jobs for the Pig

    The Pig people are gentle and warm-hearted. Therefore, they are fit to engage in social charity and welfare programs. Also, the magnanimous and tolerant Pigs can be excellent teachers. What the Pigs should avoid is financial related works as they are easy to be cheated in nature. Other suitable jobs for the Pig include scientists, writers, art creators, engineers, technologists, and health care providers.
    ● Best Working Partners: Tiger, Rabbit and Sheep
    ● Best Age to Start a Business for Pig: Age 40 – 50
    ● Best Career Field for Pig: Agriculture
    ● Best Business to Do: Restaurant
    ● Best Direction for Career: South, North and Southeast
    When selecting a Chinese name for the people born in the year of Pig, there are some dos and don’ts you need to know which are based on the characters of the Pig, zodiac compatibility and Chinese five element theories. Let's take a look at what are good and auspicious names for the male and female Pigs.
    Auspicious Chinese Names for Pig Year People

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