Dream Interpretation and Meaning of Tigers

What does a tiger symbolize in a dream?

Tiger is a ferocious animal people afraid of and it is usually a symbol of difficulties. Dreaming about the tiger indicates that you will encounter difficulty and obstacle. Despite the symbol of a vigorous beast, however, it often represents your boss, work or career in the dream.
Dreaming about the tiger suggests that you will encounter difficulty on the way to success and reminds you that you need to work harder or pay more attention to the health of your family and yourself.

If you are a man dreaming about a tiger yelling at you, it may indicate you will encounter difficulty on the way to success; if you are a woman, however, it reminds you that you need to pay attention to the health of your family and yourself since it indicates you or your child will fall ill.

Dreaming about the tiger out of the mountain or forest usually suggests that you will stand out. If you have this dream during a travel or business trip, however, it may suggest you will encounter danger in the journey ahead.

Dreaming about being chased or attacked by a tiger suggests that you are worried about being attacked in your subconscious, or you have predicted an unfavorable situation for yourself.

Dreaming about fighting back and defeating or killing the tiger while you were attacked indicates that you have very great potential and you will overcome all obstacles bravely to achieve the goal and strive to succeed in work and study.

Dreaming about a fleeing tiger suggests that you will convince people doubting you with your action and get promoted to a prominent position.

Dreaming about a tiger running towards you indicates that you will encounter big troubles.

Dreaming about a tiger running towards another animal suggests that you are worried about your friend's situation.

Dreaming about a tiger running towards someone else suggests that you may encounter a serious car accident but have a narrow escape eventually.

Dreaming about fighting a tiger is auspicious because it indicates you are brave enough to challenge the difficulties and you will be helped by someone to overcome difficulties and succeed in work and career.

Dreaming about someone else fighting a tiger suggests that you are warm-hearted and when your friend is in trouble, you will fight with him/her side by side to overcome difficulties.
Dreaming about capturing a tiger is ominous and it indicates that your friend will betray you.

Dreaming about a tiger fighting a lion may indicate the conflict between the father and the son.

Dreaming about a tiger running away or staring at you indicates you will be crowded out by your superior or someone else and you will be desolated accidentally.

Dreaming about riding a tiger suggests that you will have good luck in wealth and get unexpected gains; it also indicates that the problems will be effectively solved.

Dreaming about a tiger breaking into your house or appearing in your home suggests that you will be promoted significantly.

Dreaming about a white tiger entering your room is a sign of getting promoted or fame. If you are pregnant, it suggests that you will give birth to a precious baby.

Dreaming about a tiger breaking into your house ferociously may indicate that you will be slandered or get into the plot of others inexplicably.

Dreaming about being scared by a tiger may suggest that you will have a good luck in shopping recently and you may go shopping, from which you may get many unexpected harvests and discounts.

Interpretation of Dreams about Stock Market

Dreaming about a tiger entering into your house suggests that someone is manipulating the stock market and the excellent high-price stock will be volatile.

Dreaming about a yelling tiger indicates the plot of big investors will lead to the stock market turmoil.

Lastest Questions and Answers

I would like to get the interpretation of my dreams (0 Reply ) Asked by A***e

I dreamt of a tiger, a huge one, a royal bengal tiger, standing across a staircase, with hind limbs on one side of the stair and fore limbs on the other side of the stair. It did not look at me, but I saw it from below the stairs and ran away. Then I saw two lions but with stripes on the body playing in a friendly manner with each other. Lastly I saw a lion cub walk into by room but was quite timid and it felt depressed as I did not cuddle him. What does this dream predict ?

baby tiger in my dream (0 Reply ) Asked by C***S

As a followup to a question before, I saw a neigbour visiting me in a dream. He was having a very friendly conversation. the baby tiger he brought with him as his pet was very cute and friendly. 1. What does it mean to see a cute and friendly baby tiger in your dream? 2. What does it mean for a neighbour to visit me in my dream? 3.at the end of the dream, the tiger wanted to follow me into my house. What does that mean?

Dream about tiger as pet (1 Reply ) Asked by C***S

I dreamed that my neighbor who owns a baby tiger as a pet visited me. The tiger was trying to say hello to me as I talked to my neighbor and when I opened the back door the tiger wanted to come in to my house.

Dream of a white tiger and rats (1 Reply ) Asked by F***y

I had a dream last night where I walked into a room and a group of white tigers were staring at me. Rats were coming into the room and the white tigers suddenly started eating their heads. The rats were left on the floor, headless.

I had a very vivid dream about a tiger (1 Reply ) Asked by S***h

It was long but the part that stands out in memory was walking into a room where there were a few tigers laying next to each other. I sat there with them for awhile and was playing with them. I remember thinking they were cute and one started engaging and playing back with me but it’s claws were a bit too sharp around my neck, but I knew in the dream that it wasn’t trying to hurt me, it was playing and it wasn’t the tigers fault it had sharp claws. Anyway then I was walking around the tigers with a man I love in life and told him how much I enjoyed playing with the tiger and he warned me of its claws. Then I met a woman with red hair in my dream and her and I got along right away. My love interest was there by my side the whole time. She had me try all of these exotic things and even some drugs. I remember feeling amazing but the last one I tried had me wasted. My love interest was there just watching the whole time, silent. Once he sees me wasted he picks me up, moves me away from her and lays me down saying “there, you tried it once, now sleep it off.” And that was the end of the dream. Oh I should say I noticed in the entire dream the sky was dark. Almost fake looking like solid black. The building we were in looked like ancient ruins or Greek pillars and there were no roofs, that’s how I kept noticing the sky. The dream was so vivid, I felt everything and the smells of something sweet in the air. So I’m just curious what the symbolism is.