Dreams of Losing Teeth, Teeth Falling Out

What do dreams about losing teeth mean?

In real life, many people have dreamed of losing their teeth or teeth falling out. Among the people in China or some Western countries, it is said that the dream of losing tooth is an indication that there will be a disaster happening to your family member. In the old Chinese book The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou, it says that loosing tooth is the symbol of “something sad in the family”. The reason is that your sub consciousness will tell you that the elderly may pass away by losing tooth. The tooth is the bone tissue exposed outside, so losing tooth means bone - meat separate.
Tooth loss is a common dream which has several symbols. It usually means some important relationship will be lost. It may indicate that there will be a funeral in your family, which calls your attention to the health of the elderly at home and try to avoid something sad. It also indicates that you will take more responsibility and become more stable and mature. If you are a person who feels stressed when dealing with others, your dream of tooth loss may indicate that you will quarrel with others and your interpersonal relationship may run into a trouble. In addition, tooth loss is likely to show that difficult situation will soon be over or a kind of relationship will come to an end. The final possibility of this kind of dream may just show that there is really something wrong with your teeth.

Losing Upper Teeth

If you dream of losing your upper teeth, it indicates that disasters may happen to your family. What’s more, the upper teeth refer in particular to the elder. Therefore, you must pay particular attention to the health of your parents or you had better to have a comprehensive examination once something wrong happens to your health.

If you dream of losing your upper teeth but you have no feeling, it shows that you are undergoing changes recently, which has no real bad effect on your present life.

If you dream of losing an upper tooth, it indicates that the relationship between you and the elder may be strained. It is not worth having a falling out with the elder for little things, so you should try to keep humility.

If you have a dream that you lose your upper teeth and it is bleeding, it indicates that your elder may get unexpected money and you may also have some benefits.

If the woman dreams of losing upper teeth, it shows that you may marry into the purple. However, you may fall out of favor with his parents and they may create difficulties for you in your daily life.

If the man dreams of losing upper tooth, it indicates that there may be some problems in your interpersonal relationship. You'd better listen to the words of some elders or seniors and you should not be too aggressive.

If the one who dreams of losing upper teeth is an investor, it is an indication that you will have good fortune in recent period. You will have a good chance of windfall and there is a great opportunity to obtain benefits from your investment.

Losing Lower Teeth

The dream of losing lower teeth is a symbol that your kids’ physical health is not very good. You are suggested to be more concerned about the health of your families.
The woman’s dream of losing lower teeth is reminding you of paying attention to your daughters’ health. You should avoid them from being ill.
The man’s dream of losing lower teeth indicates that you must pay attention to your interpersonal relationship, especially that with your subordinates. You had better not to be so hostile for little things, which not only causes the loss of your reputation but also influences your work.
The merchant’s dream of losing lower teeth warns that you should focus on your cash flow to avoid the situation that some villain may steal your money.
For the pregnant woman, losing lower teeth in dream reminds that you must keep healthy so as to avoid affecting on your baby.
If the patient dreams of lower teeth loss, it shows that your condition is not getting better and some infections may be caused. You even should be careful not to infect the younger.
The investor’s dream of lower teeth loss is an indication of downturn in your fortune. Although the channels to get additional income increase, you also spend a lot, especially on communication and transportation. You are suggested to learn investment skills and wait for a more appropriate opportunity.
If a single dreams of lower teeth loss, it represents that your love is into the reflection stage. You tend to have the feeling of attachment for the opposite sex, so you are likely to accept him/her.

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