Dreams about Monkey

Monkey Dream Meanings and Interpretations

In dream interpretation, monkey is regarded as an ironic symbol of your image and a reflection of your certain shortcoming, such as greed, brutality, and sensuality. Sometimes, the dream of monkey is a positive sign which symbolizes vitality, freedom, agility and mystery and suggests you want to escape from the rigid and depressive reality and get rid of the mediocre life. For Buddhists, the monkey in dream may indicate the flash of ingenious idea.

Dreaming about a monkey is an ominous sign which suggests you will be deceived by your friend and should be careful in making friends. For an expectant mother, the dream of monkey predicts the funny-looking boy. For a woman unmarried, the dream suggests the moody and garrulous husband.

If you dreamed about a monkey walking back and forth or jumping and you felt uncomfortable in the dream, it presents you will meet something bad and should be careful. The jumping monkey implies the unstable support of your partner who may leave you alone and you should build good relations with friends.

Dreaming about a monkey jumping from one tree to another reminds you to beware of thief and you'd better not bring too much cash.

Dreaming about a sitting monkey implies you should pay attention to your health as you may fall ill, and you should guard against the epidemic.

Dreaming about shooting or killing a monkey indicates that you can defeat the enemy.

Dreaming about a monkey running to you with a threatening gesture implies the bad luck to your family
which might be broken up.

Dreaming about an angry monkey indicates you may have trouble with your neighbors, which will chock off the neighborhood relationship and damage your reputation.

Dreaming about a cheerful monkey suggests a long lost friend will restore the friendship with you or contact you.

Dreaming about a monkey eating something predicts you may suffer from poverty recently, or you may feel stuck in life for a short period. But as long as you believe in yourself, you can quickly get out of it.
If you are a woman dreaming about feeding a monkey, it presents you will be betrayed by someone who flatters you before.

Dreaming about keeping a monkey is an inauspicious sign which indicates you may befriend a swindler, get deceived and suffer a severe loss.

Dreaming about a dead monkey implies you will get rid of the worst enemy soon.

Dreaming about an asleep monkey indicates you will travel abroad.

Lastest Questions and Answers

2 monkeys feeding me in my dream (0 Reply ) Asked by S***e

I dreamt about two monkeys feeding me rice and vegetable. So it begins with, I was studying as my exams were near and hence my dad was feeding me. He had a monkey sitting on his back. The monkey saw my dad feeding me so he jumped down and came towards me and started feeding me. My dad went away and the monkey was feeding me. Soon another monkey saw us and he came towards us and even he started feeding me. One was feeding with the spoon and another was feeding with his hands. Could I get to know what does this dream indicates?

Uncertainty (1 Reply ) Asked by M***n

My mom had a dream I bought someone home after she told me not. I started making out with that person and then I turn into a monkey. And then I started crying while I realize I turn into a monkey and she woke up.

Monkey in my dream (0 Reply ) Asked by O***e

I had dream that a monkey was eating in my house when I was not around. When I came, I saw three new born babies of the monkey in a corner in my house. On seeing me,the mother monkey ran away. I suddenly saw my wife that left me some years back as a result of a kind of misunderstanding trying to seduce me to make love with her. Please what does the dream interprete?

A baby monkey (1 Reply ) Asked by A***t

"A baby monkey tried to steal my baguette and bite my left thumb. I was trying to remove my thumb fromr his mouth when I woke up". This is the dream my husband saw i want to understand what does it mean.

Dream of Monkey God in armour (0 Reply ) Asked by C***s

Hi Dream of Monkey God in full armour at the mountain top directing his troops. Could see busy little monkeys on the ground obeying his instructions - many objects which looked like tables & chairs were floating and flying with the monkeys. Thanks much