Dreams about Being Chased

Being chased indicates the stress of real life or the dreadful monster in the heart.

The dreams about being chased or hunted by people, animal, even alien, and you running out of breath, always remind you of the real life full of stress. Hence, the source of the stress is the key of this kind of dreams. If you can identify the one chasing after you, it will help you to interpret the dream. If the one looks fuzzy, however, you can only deduce the enemy from those who have helped you or walked with you in the escape. So it is necessary for you to pluck up courage and have a look in the next dream. In this way, you can figure out the source of the inexplicable fear in your heart and solve the problem once you face of danger bravely.

What does it mean to be chased in a dream?

In Terms of the Chasing Object
If you can remember the one chasing after you, it will be very obvious to interpret the dream. If the one was your boss, classmate or colleague, the dream is related to the stress of work and study; if the one was your family member or child, the dream is related to family depression.

More often, however, the one chasing after you tends to be the embodiment of yourself, so you cannot run away. This kind of embodiment is actually your instinct, such as your sense of morality, responsibility and guilt; if the enemy is a part of yourself, the chasing result is very important.

In Terms of the Chasing Result
If you fought against the enemy by setting a trap or shooting disorderly with a gun, it represents you have controlled the inner dreadful monster and won the temporary victory of reason.

If you found a safe place to hide, it represents you have got the inner peace with the temporary escape. But this is often a sign of self-deception indicating you have disguised yourself and pretended to be not anxious. This usually suggests you have a weak character.

If you were killed or shocked to wake up, it represents you usually depress your instinct and you suffer from the strong resistance or revenge of your instinct after the repression reaches the certain level. The more violent the chasing after in the dream, the more depressed your instinct is.

If you shook hands with the enemy, you should pay attention to how you have resolved the conflict in the dream because it is a wisdom gift of the dream for you besides the scare. You may solve the confusion in reality with the same method.

In Terms of the Chasing Process
Think about how you escaped in the dream, at a good bat or wanting to run away but cannot run fast. For most people, they were under the latter situation and they were very scared in the dream. This reflects a kind of self-awareness and suggests that you think you don't have the ability to get out of the dangers in real life.

How you escaped in the dream indicates a lot. For example, if you dreamed of being chased and wanting to run away but could not run fast; you jumped up and wanted to fly to the sky but your ankle was grabbed by someone and you felt very scared. This dream reflects you want to escape from reality with illusion (flying to the sky), but you are blocked by the reality.

If you wanted to hide but was discovered no matter where you hid or ran, or no matter how tight you closed the door, the chaser was always a few steps behind, the chasing one or animal is actually a part of yourself, symbolizing your conscience, value, memory, anxiety or pain. Since the chaser is on your mind, you will not, of course, totally hide away from it because you can't totally deceive yourself.

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