Dream Meaning of Being Late

The dream about being late is the dreamer’s worries and anxiety about being late for things that should be done in the real life. This kind of dream may also be a reminder for the dreamer to examine the cause of long-term tension in life. In addition, the dream about being late may reflect the dreamer's awareness of actuality, that is you will be hindered which makes it difficult for you to seize the opportunity; or it may reflect your understanding about yourself, that is a lot of things you are dealing with are not important and they instead waste your opportunity to do other important things, which makes you miss the important opportunity in your life. Generally speaking, this dream is a reflection of your mood of anxiety in the work, study or life.

What does a being late dream mean?

Yourself Being Late
If you dream of being late, it remind you of not making a promise easily, especially the promise that you cannot carry out.

Someone Else Being Late
If you dream of someone else being late, it indicates that someone may not keep his word and cause trouble for you or make you suffer loss.

Being Late for a Trip
If you dream of being late and missing the trip, it shows that you do not have enough self-confidence to grasp the current opportunities or you are very anxious about somethings in front of you. There may be something to make you very worried but powerless.

Being Late for Flight, Train, Bus
If you dream of being late for transportation of shift time, such as flights, trains, buses, etc., it generally indicates that you may have missed a clear opportunity or you are a little concerned about your ability to accomplish a specific goal.

Being Late by Taking the Wrong Car
If you dream of being late by taking the wrong car, it reminds that you may not find out the status of something so that you use the wrong method or make a wrong decision. You may have deviated from your stated objectives. At this point, you'd better take the time to calm down, figure out situation and then re-take the right action.

VIP Being Late for a Party
If you dream of participating in a party but a VIP being late, it indicates that you may have missed the necessary experience in a stage of life.

Being Late for an Exam
Your dream about being late for the exam is an indication of your worries about something, some plans, some investments you are working on or a career change you will face. It is an expression of lack of confidence caused by uncertainty. On the other hand, it perhaps shows that you do not want to face some things in your life and you are like get cold feet before the exams in your life. Probably you want to make some progress, but in practice you always feel a kind of pressure to slow down.

Being Late for Work
If you dream of being late for work, it indicates that in your subconscious, you feel depressed of the working environment. It may be a kind of anxiety about the work. You have a very high requirement on yourself in the real work and you will subconsciously judge yourself to the highest standards. So, you always feel that you are not good enough so that you are often in a state of tension unconsciously.

Being Late for School
The dream about being late for school is an indication of your lack of a sense of security. A man will always encounter problems in his life. This kind of dream may indicate that you originally think you can do some things perfectly in your life or work, but it has not met your expectations. Most of people who have this dream are conscientious, have the pursuit in work and are strict with themselves. They look forward to developing for a higher level but the reality is not as perfect as their own expectations.

Being Late for Class
The dream about being late for class indicates that you always feel a sense of urgency on your work and always feel great pressure. You are suggested not to give yourself too much pressure and you should relax to have more energy to be ready to sprint to the next phase. Furthermore, this kind of dream probably reflects that you always suppress your inner dissatisfaction and conflicts emotionally and you are temporarily unable to get rid of this trouble in reality.

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