Cat Dream Meanings and Interpretation

Cat often appears in our subconscious and it usually symbolizes a certain kind of character or people, especially woman. Cats are lazy, beautiful and cute, also a little selfish, short-tempered, greedy, sleepy and cunning, but they are loved by people. The servility of cats is different with the dogs'. The dog is loyal to its owner while the cat is not. Therefore, the dreams about cat indicate your character might be criticized, or you are hated by someone, or your property will be stolen.

Dreams about Cat

In the Oriental traditions, dreaming about a cat is auspicious but if the cat is very close to a mouse in your dream, i.e. the so-called "cat and mouse sleeping together", it will be inauspicious. It often implies you have failed to perform your duties and are suspected of malfeasance and malpractice.

Dreaming about failing to kill a cat or take it away indicates the misfortune. If the cat attacks you in the dream, it implies your opponent will do anything to denigrate your reputation and bring you property loss. But if you drive away the cat successfully, it means you will overcome great obstacles and eventually gain both fame and wealth.

1. If you are an unmarried dreaming about a cat, it implies you will have emotional issues, such as the unstable relationship.
2. If you are a married woman dreaming about a cat, it suggests family disputes or you are tired of the marriage life, feel the lack of passion in life, and you are unwilling to live such a plain life.
3. If you are an expectant mother dreaming about a cat, it indicates you will give birth to a healthy and lovely girl.
5. Dreaming about a clean cat symbolizes good luck and everything will go well with you.
6. Dreaming about a dirty dog suggests bad luck and you should pay more attention to your diet and remember that a closed mouth catches no flies.

Beating a Cat

Dreaming about catching a cat means a thief or bandit will break into your house but you won't suffer loss and the thief or bandit will be caught.
Dreaming about beating a cat means you won't be fooled by the deceitful tricks and you will see through the fraud.

Dreaming about beating a cat for no reason implies you will make an enemy and reminds you to be more tolerant and avoid disputes with others.

Keeping a Cat

Dreaming about keeping a cat predicts that you will gain money or get rid of the disease.

If you are a patient dreaming about keeping a cat, it implies you will recuperate and get rid of the disease.

If you are a woman dreaming about keeping a cat, it suggests you may encounter the unexpected things, either good or bad.

A Screaming Cat

Dreaming about a screaming or meowing cat implies the so-called friend is trying to harm you with all words and tricks.

If you are an expectant mother dreaming about a meowing cat, it reminds that you should be careful while going out and watch out the accident.

If you are a woman dreaming about a meowing cat, it suggests the hidden rival in love is eying covetously to look for a chance to compete for your boyfriend.

Dreaming about an abandoned cat meowing nearby implies the decline of luck for wealth and reminds that you should control your shopping desire and spend wisely.

Bitten by a Cat

Dreaming about bitten by a cat means there are villains around you and reminds you to be careful about friends around.

Dreaming about almost bitten by a cat implies the powerful competitor in life or work but you will defeat him/her eventually.

A Dead Cat

Dreaming about a dead cat suggests you are in low spirits recently, or addicted to something irresistibly.

If you are crossed in love and dream about a dead cat, it reminds you that you should no longer indulge in the pain of breaking up.

If you are married and dream about a dead cat, it suggests the family members will have disputes caused by the different opinions on something and you should communicate timely.

A Talking Cat

Dreaming about a talking cat implies the opponent will launch an attack on you soon and you should handle it carefully.

If you are a man dreaming about a talking cat, it indicates you will have a formidable competitor in career and you should stay calmly.

If you are a businessman dreaming about a talking cat, it means the recent business circumstance is adverse and you should invest carefully to avoid the significant loss.

Multiple Cats

If you are a man dreaming about multiple cats, it indicates you are in great pressure and feel tired, so you should have enough rest.

If you are a woman dreaming about multiple cats, it means you will have problems with your husband recently and you should remember that peace is the most precious in family and never quarrel on trivial matters.

Cats and Other Animals

Dreaming about a cat catching a mouse or bird is auspicious and it implies your opponents will fight like Kilkenny cats and you can gain the benefit without doing anything.
Dreaming about a cat living with a snake in peace means the beginning of an angry fight.
Dreaming about a cat fighting with a snake indicates all disasters will pass away.
Dreaming about a cat attacking a parrot suggests you will outcompete the opponent to get the final victory.

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