Dream Meaning and Interpretation about Flying

Dreaming about flying may indicate that you will free yourself from all kinds of obstacles and constraints successfully in the near future and have a more unobstructed road forward, so you will go further on the current life road and get more achievements. Therefore, this is an extremely auspicious dream.

What does it mean when you dream about flying?

Dreaming about flying may indicate the following:
1. It indicates you will get promoted or make a profit in business and make rapid advancement in career.
2. It may indicate you are too ambitious.
3. It indicates that you have good interpersonal relationship and you will get along very well with people around. Also, you will make more friends.
4. It indicates that you will have good benefactor luck and you will be helped by someone recently to solve the current problems.
5. If you are suppressed in reality, the dream shows your desire to freedom.
6. The dream about flying is also related to your desire for sex.
7. If you are in adolescent period, it may indicate you are growing taller.
If the dream makes you happy, you may gain a lot in life recently; if the dream makes you nervous or depressed, it suggests a kind of escape from the reality in your subconscious.

Dreaming About Flying
Students: It indicates the good score in exam.
Unmarried men or women: It indicates the bad luck in love; your lover may cease to be faithful and your love will have no result.
Old men or women: It indicates the chance to travel and the possible obstacle but you will change the portentous into the propitious.
Unmarried men: It indicates the bad luck in wealth.

Flying Up to Sky
Dreaming about flying to the sky indicates your strong desire of seeking freedom and you hope to shape your own life as per your spiritual pursuit; if you are in the growth stage, the dream reflects the physiological phenomenon of growing taller. If you are an adult, this dream is generally a symbol of freedom and success and it is a sign of confidence.

Flying Down from Sky
Dreaming about flying down from the sky indicates you are turning to a kind of objective and rational life and changing from hope to reality;

Fall Down when Flying
Dreaming about suddenly falling down in flying suggests the ideal perdition have brought you a great shock;
If you are a businessman, dreaming about flying up but falling down later indicates the decline of fortune and your earning is often limited by others; your extra expenses are usually caused by friends and you may loan to your friends.
If you are ready to take an examination, dreaming about flying up but falling down later indicates the average performance.

Flying with a Stranger
If you are a woman dreaming about flying with a stranger, it suggests you may leave your husband and marry another richer man.

Flying Low to the Ground
Dreaming about low-altitude flying almost close to the ground indicates the disease and distraction, but you will recover soon.

Flying over Water
Dreaming about flying over the muddy water alerts you that you should handle your private affairs carefully because your opponent is paying close attention to you and waiting to fool you.

Flying and See the Sun
Dreaming about seeing the sun in flying indicates that your worry is meaningless because you are afraid of failure but you will eventually succeed.

Flying in the Space
Dreaming about flying in the space across the moon and other planets indicates famine, war and all sorts of troubles.

Want to Fly but Failed
Dreaming about wanting to fly but failed may indicate that you have suffered too much pressure in life or work recently and you are a little out of breath.

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