Dream about Elephant Meanings

Elephant is an auspicious symbol. In general, a dream about elephant often indicates something good, either success, reputation or impregnable social status. From the perspective of emotion, the dream of elephant may indicate you are a little insensitive to interpersonal relationship, such as speaking too directly and hurting others.
The dream about a lonely elephant suggests you will live a down-to-earth and ordinary life.
The dream about a herd of elephants indicates great wealth. You will succeed through your own efforts rather than others' help.
The dream about an angry elephant running towards you suggests you won't make a fortune or maintain the current social status unless making unremitting efforts.
The dream about being chased by an elephant means you are under the pressure of failing to make a career and need to persist in to succeed.
The dream about being attacked or scared by an elephant reminds you that you have to overcome difficulties on the way forward.
The dream about an elephant trampled someone to death is an ill omen, which means someone is jealous of your wealth, and you might suffer an unforeseen disaster, thus should be cautious in everything.
The dream about an elephant in water suggests you are uncertain about something and need help to make a decision.
The dream about elephants trampling trees implies the present difficulty is temporary and you will overcome it soon and succeed.
The dream about an elephant kicking a lion means you will defeat a powerful opponent or win a lawsuit that might bankrupt you.
The dream about an elephant with only one ivory reminds you that, your current energy or financial resources might be decentralized, and you should concentrate all your energy on one point to make a fortune or gain a higher status.
The dream about riding an elephant means you will get plentiful wealth or high honor.
The dream about falling down from an elephant suggests you will get frustrated. Maybe you are a millionaire today but debt-ridden tomorrow. Therefore, be careful about recent investments.
The dream about a performing elephant reminds you to get along well with others as friends and colleagues will be very helpful to you.
The dream about feeding an elephant implies you will be luckily promoted or get other significant progress in career. Or perhaps an inevitable bad situation you think will suddenly turn around.
The dream about a working elephant indicates you will succeed in what you are doing.
If you are a married or pregnant woman, the dream about playing with a calf elephant suggests your child will enjoy sound health or you will have a pretty and healthy baby boy.

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