Death Dreams Meaning

In the traditional interpretation of dreams, people often take the dream about death as a hint of new birth or the change of living conditions of you or people around. The death in your dream also represents that you have to accept the challenge. Through such a dream, you are required to find and accept another life road, which means only when you have the courage to start from scratch, can you have a new start. As a peaceful and stable state, death in the dream is a very auspicious sign which predicts the better luck.

What Do Death Dreams Mean?

Psychological Interpretation of Death in the Dream:
Death is the end of the old existing form and the beginning of the new, which may represent the end of a relationship or mark the beginning of a new life stage. The death in your dream symbolizes a new start, passing away or end.

Dreaming about your own or others' death predicts that your longevity will be increased.

Dreaming about your own death means that you don't have to worry about life; you will have more and more wealth; you will be in good health and live a long life. Also, it indicates that you will start a new life or have changes in your life to start a new stage of life.

Dreaming about the death of the one you know means that he/she is losing the vitality and becoming dead.

Dreaming about the death of a stranger means that your career or business will have a favorable turn, and you will be prosperous and make a fortune.

If you dream about the death of your friend who is still alive, it means that you will have good fortune.

Dreaming about the death of your relative and friend means that he/she will be healthy and live a long life.

Dreaming about the death of your lover means that your lover has found a stable life and he/she will get married with you to live a happy life together.

Dreaming about the death of your enemy means that you will live a settled life without the disturbance of your enemy and you will have some loyal and reliable friends who are tolerant.

Dreaming about the death of the king means that you will be conferred with the honorary title by the state leader.

Dreaming about the death of your mount or other animals means that you will suffer financial loss.

Dreaming about the death of a dog means that your faithful friend or assistant will die.

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