Dream Meaning of Water

What does water mean in a dream?

In the interpretation of dreams, the water is generally regarded as a symbol of affection, female, creativity or vitality. It is a kind of mysterious substance because it can penetrate the object, flow along its surface and around it. It will destroy any obstacles on its way. Your potential and inner need to open a new life can also be manifested by the water. No matter what appear in your dream, such as serene lake, trickling creek, furious river and calm ocean, the water in your dream is always the indication of the essence of life and represents not only the baptism and rebirth of spirit but also your health condition. If you usually dream of flood or drowning and calling for help, it may indicate the disease in liver, gallbladder and kidney and you had better go to the hospital for a physical examination.

Psychological Meaning: Water is a symbol of purity and it can remove the inner and external contamination in people's daily life. It helps the baptized person to wash the past sins and makes you to get rid of the shackles of inheriting family property.

The state of the water in your dream is very important to analyze a dream. You should pay attention to whether the water is flowing or freezing, clean or dirty.

Dream about Water
The dream of gentle and clear water indicates the happiness and good luck in your life.

The dream of fast-flowing or dirty water may indicate difficulties in the future.

If you dream of ripples in the water surface, it represents that you may start a new love and you may meet through a chance encounter. Unexpected encounter in libraries, art galleries or other places will let you have an easy start.

The dream of boiling water suggests you should be calm. You should never be impetuous and impulsive.

If you are looking out at the calm water in your dream, you can do very well in dealing with others.

An unmarried man dreams of a pool of clear water means that you will fall in love with an innocent girl.

If you dream of being in the deep water, it indicates that you will lose your original dependence.

Waking in and over Water
If you dream of walking into the water, you are likely to have a new start.

If you are of physical discomfort, your dream about walking in the cold water reminds that you may have kidney disease.

If you are walking over the water in your dream, it indicates that your wishes will come true soon. However, you cannot do nothing but wait or rely on others and you must fight for it.

If you dream of just wait and do nothing over the water, it reminds you to make efforts to fight for it.

Taking a Bath
A woman's dream about bathing in the water is an indication of finding a considerate husband. Additionally, this kind of dream for a man is an indication of having a virtuous wife.

The dream of bathing in the sea indicates that you will win distinction, have a good luck and your career will enter a new stage.

However, the dream of soaking in the hot spring may imply the decline of your health condition. You should pay special attention to the recent nephritis, influenza, hepatitis, irregular menstruation and other diseases recently and should rest to ensure adequate sleep.

Swimming in Water
The dream of swimming in the water suggests you to work hard to be rich.

Diving into Water
The dream of diving may indicate your life situation makes you feel depressed and you are eager to get rid of it.

Floating in Water
If you dreaming of floating from the bottom to the water surface, it indicates that the original problem for you will finally get steadily resolved.

If you are happily floating on the water, you may want to go back home and back to your mother’s side.

Falling into Water
The dream of falling in the water indicates injury and disease.

Drowning in Water
The dream of drowning in the water is an indication of problems in your health. It reminds you of the large possibility of recurrence of the disease. People of allergic constitution or those who had suffered from nephritis must be especially careful.

Drinking Water
If you are drinking water in your dream, it implies you will be very healthy.

If you are drinking continuously, you will make a big fortune.

If the water you drink is clear, you will be physically strong.

If the water is cold, you will get achievements and honors through hard work.

The dream of flood represents enormous pressure. However, it may also mean you will get some expected money.

The unmarried girl's dream of flood means that your parents will approve of your marriage with your beloved.

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