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What Your Eyes Say About You?

Eyes are windows to the soul. In physiognomy, eyes represent wisdom, leadership and energy. It indicates a person’s luck between 35 to 40 years old. The size, location, shape, eyesight of eyes and how much white is visible reflect one's personality, character, courage, spirit, wisdom and health condition, as well as fortune in the aspects of career, fame, wealth, love and marriage.
A good pair of eyes is bright and has a clear distinction between black and white and the shape is of minor influence. If you have such eyes, it indicates you are highly decisive, bright, capable, healthy and full of vitality.


Good Eyesight: Generally, the eyes of good eyesight have a clear distinction between black, look bright and reflect light. People of good eyesight are wise and resolute, and never do things sloppily. Even if they are in love affairs, they can proceed or step back freely and never turn the affairs into troubles.

Poor Eyesight: People of poor eyesight generally do not have a clear distinction between black in their eyes which may in pink, yellow or other muddy colors, making other people feel they are out of spirit. This kind of people are indecisive, passive and complaining. In love affairs, they tend to be too tangled up to unravel and not know where to stop, thus have the spousal relationship influenced.

Squint Eyes: Physiognomy believes that the squint eyes lead to the same kind heart. Those who like to observe things in a squint manner are suspicious, adept at scheming and highly vigilant.

Size of Eyes

Big/Large Eyes: People of big eyes are generally cheerful, lovely and good at getting along with others and never bother about small matters. However, they are naive and ready to trust others and get deceived. Men of big eyes are flexible, bold, versatile, speedy, kind and considerate; they have high linguistic proficiency and cater to women's psychology well. Women of big eyes are charming, have good sensibility of art, beautiful voice and strong sense of rhythm. Many actresses boast the bright and big eyes.

Small Eyes: Those who have small eyes and seldom pen their eyes fully are calm, careful and they can control their mood. They often make a plan before doing anything and then follow it step by step. This kind of people are conservative, mechanical, and inflexible and lack of innovation. As a result, they are suitable for project analysis and wealth management. In addition, they are generally introverted, quiet and unsociable, thus nervous and clumsy in opposite-sex communication.

One Is Bigger Than The Other: Those with eyes in different sizes tend to have an alienated relationship with one of the parents and need to beware of sentimental problems and inharmonious love life. A man with smaller left eye tend to push his wife hard.

Single/Double-fold Eyelids

Monolid Eyes (Single-fold Eyelid): Those of single-fold eyelids are rational, logical, have a strong sense of managing finance yet a little stubborn.

Double-fold Eyelids: Those with double-fold eyelids are bold, unique, emotional, impulsive and sentimental, and tend to change about; they are flexible, have a wide range of financial resources, a strong consumption ability yet weak sense of managing finance.

Hooded Eyes: Hooded means eyelids that are partly covered by skin when the eyes are open. People with hooded eyes have the personality traits of both the single-fold eyelids and double-fold eyelids people have. They are mild and of implicit style. They usually finish assignments in a careful way but lacking spirits. So, few of them could become a leader. In love, they are reserved.

Shape of Eyes

Long Eyes: Those who have long eyes are meticulous, clever and adept at scheming. With a calm attitude, they never pose pretentiously and can generally accomplish something. Usually, they are the nice guys living a peaceful life without too many twists and turns.
Round Eyes: People with round eyes are shrewd, cheerful and sentimental, have wide interests but often fail due to the lack of thinking. They are smart, sensitive, adaptable, positive, pragmatic, good at self-expression and highly sociable. This kind of people like romantic things but are easily tempted by the outside world, possessive and opportunistic.

Drooping Canthus: Those who have drooping canthus boast excellent observation and cautious personality and they are thoughtful, mild and moderate, thus the outstanding assistants. If the canthus is overly drooping, however, it will be unfavorable as it indicates indecision and hesitation.
Cocking-up Canthus: People with cocking-up canthus are active, quick-witted, straightforward, and good at seizing the moment and giving play to their advantages timely. They are confident and extremely optimistic yet inconsiderate, and sometimes arrogant and blow their own horn, making others dislike, even quarrel with them. 
Slim and Cocking-up Canthus: People with slim and cocking-up canthus, known as phoenix eye (丹凤眼) in physiognomy, are sentimental, charming and widely popular among the opposite sex. They are sensitive, curious, highly apprehensive, and talented in aesthetics and study.

Deep-Set/Protruding Eyes

Deep-Set Eyes: People of deep-set eyes are very calculating and they seldom show their inner thoughts and usually gain mastery by striking only after the enemy has struck. They look at problems calmly, accurately and maliciously but act slowly, which makes them miss the boat. This kind of people lay emphasis on power and interest rather than human interest and have weak ties with relatives.

Protruding Eyes: People of protruding eyes are outgoing, capricious and hot-tempered, belonging to those who dare to speak and act. Being ill-considered, they tend to be proud and supercilious and the attitude often leads to disputes.

Too Much White of the Eye

Physiognomy believes that normally, the iris shall be larger than the white sclera and the iris should be bounded by sclera on two sides (Two-Whites) at the same time the white sclera is not visible above or below the iris. If the white sclera is larger than the iris, it indicates disputes and dangerous situations in life and obstacles in love and marriage for women. In general, this kind of people is overbearing and lack of necessary warmth and love; men of this kind are generally male chauvinists.

One-White Eyes: If the iris is too close to the inner corner of the eyes, leaving too much white on the canthus side that’s called One-White Eyes. The parents of this kind of people usually separate when he/she is young. If the two eyes both like this, that’s called crossed eyes. This kind of people usually has a poor health condition, suffers too much illness during the late age and couldn’t live long. In life, he/she is narrow-minded, doesn’t know cooperation and endurance, and like to fight with others.

Sanpaku Eyes (Three Whites): If the sclera is visible above or beneath the iris, making the iris bounded by sclera on three sides, it is called Sanpaku Eyes or Three Whites Eyes. There are two kinds of Three Whites Eyes: Upper-Three Whites (sclera is above the iris) and Lower Three-Whites (sclera is beneath the iris). The latter is most seen. Looking terrifying, this kind of people is usually adventurous, cool, cunning, and venomous. They have a strong personality, would like to sacrifice anything to gain the aim. So, many of them have a great achievement in society. Better don’t challenge this kind person because he is touchy, violent and suspicious.

Four-Whites Eyes: If the sclera is visible both above and beneath the iris, making the iris bounded by sclera on four sides, that is Four-Whites Eyes. Compared with the people of Sanpaku Eyes, the Four-Whites Eyes’ people have much stronger personality and more destructive and vindictive. They are cruel and poisonous, at the same time rather difficult to approach.

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