About Us

Who we are?

YourChineseAstrology was established in 2014 by Kendy and Daisy providing free astrology information of Horoscope Predictions based on Chinese Zodiac Signs, Chinese Palmistry, Chinese Calendar, Chinese Holidays, Dream Interpretation, Baby Gender Prediction based on Chinese Gender Chart, Feng Shui, Bazi, Five Elements, Face Reading, etc. We also answer questions for visitors about Chinese Astrology questions. From the establishment of the site, we have answered twenty thousands of questions for free and we are still doing this to help more people. We now have more than 5,000 professional contents, providing free reading for tens of thousands of users. Hundreds of professional articles are continuously updated every year. We are endeavoring to providing more and more useful articles to our users helping you to learn Chinese Astrology best.


  • • February, 2014, establishment of YourChineseAstrology.com providing free and professional information of Chinese Zodiac, Horoscope, Zodiac Match, Chinese Almanac, Dream Interpretation.
  • • December, 2014, launch of Chinese Calendar in Traditional Chinese, Russian, French, German language
  • • December, 2014, the website style was revised for the first time.
  • • January, 2015, launch of Chinese Gender Prediction Column
  • • April, 2015, launch of Chinese Astrology Forum(Q&A)
  • • August, 2015, launch of Chinese Palmistry Column
  • • June, 2016, launch of Chinese Feng Shui and Dream Interpretation Column
  • • June, 2016, the website style was revised for the second time.
  • • August, 2017, launch of Face Reading Column
  • • February, 2018, launch of User Center
  • • July, 2018, launch of Psychtest Column
  • • August, 2018, Chinese Astrology Store was established.
  • • January, 2019, launch of Chinese New Year Column
  • • March, 2019, improve website speed greatly and make it more friendly to mobile phone users.
  • • April, 2019, launch of Bazi Calculator Column
  • • June, 2019, launch of Bone weight Astrology Column
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