Falling Dreams Meaning and Interpretation

What does falling mean in a dream?

Dreaming about falling down from the high or from the staircase, tall building or cliff, usually means you are worried about your career, personal ability, property, status or fame and are afraid of loss. On the other hand, sometimes it suggests you will encounter setbacks or accidents and suffer losses. If you often dream about this, however, it indicates that you may have health problems and you'd better check in the hospital. Sometimes, you may dream about walking on the stairs or the edge of the cliff but falling down suddenly, it usually represents that you have temporary muscle clonospasm in body adjustment and relaxation when you are asleep; then the physical response signal is transmitted by the subconscious to the brain, thus the dream is formed.
Falling from the High Place to the Unknown Abyss
Dreaming about falling from the high place to the unknown abyss indicates that you are worried about the current situation and feel unconfident. Sometimes, some young people who have had the improper sex also dream of this, which shows the inner crisis caused by the conflict between sex and morality.

Falling from Sky
Dreaming about falling from the sky or the clouds may suggest that you are tired recently, and you should be on the alert and prudent to guard against accident. Most of the time, this kind of dream is formed in the brain under the mental and physical exhaustion or sub-health status when the body falls asleep and gradually relaxes. This kind of dream reminds you that you should relax properly, have enough sleep, adjust your diet, and supplement nutrition, adequate vitamin and inorganic salt.

Dreaming about falling from the sky rapidly indicates that you will have significant changes in life.

If the falling process is extremely slow, it indicates that you are thinking prudently and ready to make a decision to choose a new solution or life style.

Dreaming about falling heavily to the ground but immediately waking up indicates that you are full of alert and don't trust people around you.

Falling Dreams by Different Kinds of People
A patient dreaming about falling from the high to the low indicates the body will be unlikely to recover in the near future.

A businessman dreaming about falling to the low indicates the income will decline sharply.

A woman dreaming about falling from the high indicates her husband will have problems in income and happiness.

A man dreaming about his wife falling from the high indicates he will spend a lot of medical bills for his wife.

The elderly dreaming about falling from the bed to the ground indicates he/she will fall ill or the disease will get worse, even suggests the danger of death.

Yousef’s Falling in a Dream
Dreaming about falling from the horse suggests that the opponent will beat you and you should be careful to avoid a great loss.

Dreaming about falling from the elephant's back suggests that you will be poor or insulted by others.

Dreaming about falling from the roof suggests that you may be driven out of the home.

Dreaming about jumping from the cliff edge usually suggests the great stress in life or work and you want to escape from the danger and get out of troubles subconsciously.

Dreaming about being pushed down from a tall building or a bridge by someone indicates that you are worried about the agreement and contract in work and you don't trust the surrounding environment.

Dreaming about falling down in front of others or stumbling at a party indicates that you often worry about making a fool of yourself in front of others and you should be more confident.

Dreaming about falling down and getting injured indicates that you may live a period of hard time.

Dreaming about being all right after falling down indicates that the setback will not shake your foundation or cause serious damage to you.

Dreaming about standing up after falling down indicates that you can constantly overcome difficulties, become more courageous because of hardships and make remarkable achievements.

Falling Down
Dreaming about someone else falling down suggests that you will defeat the opponent.

A woman dreaming about her child falling down should pay more attention to the child's health and safety because the dream suggests the child may have a serious illness.

The man in love dreaming about falling down with his girlfriend suggests that they will get married.

Slipping Down
Dreaming about someone else slipping down is a bad omen which indicates you will suffer a loss.

Dreaming about slipping down with your wife indicates that you will love each other devotedly and live together till old and grey.

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