Dream about Sheep/Goat Meanings

Sheep or goat, a symbol of good luck and happiness in reality, is certainly a good sign in your dream.

Dream About Sheep

Sheep symbolizes wealth and the gentle image of sheep often predicts a happy life.
If you are a man, the dream of sheep suggests that you will make a fortune and should seize opportunities around. If you are a woman, the dream about sheep suggests conjugal harmony, family happiness and living together with your husband till old.
Dreaming about a white ewe is a sign of auspiciousness which means you will be recognized and loved by people around.
Dreaming about a black sheep suggests something joyful.
If you heard a ewe in your dream, it reminds you that your property might be infringed and you should keep an eye on your competitor or partner.
If the sheep escape or ran away in your dream, it means you should beware of theft or robbery.
If a ewe was followed by lambs in your dream, it suggests you will have a baby.
Dreaming about a lamb suggests you will have a desirable happy time.
Dreaming about a thin and weak sheep suggests your hopeful plan of generous returns will be disillusioned.
The dream of dead sheep is a bad sign which suggests the loss of something important, such as breakup, failure and financial loss.
Dreaming about beating a sheep suggests you should beware of financial losses or you might be investigated for property issue and need to invest prudently.
Dreaming about shearing suggests you will inherit a legacy in the near future.
Dreaming about a flock of sheep suggests harvest and joy for farmers and flourishing business for others. 
Dreaming about a flock of ewe suggests you will be the decision maker of a well-funded company. If you are a businessman, it means your business will expand overseas and you will make a fortune. In terms of color, the flock of white ewe means you are deeply loved. If the flock was in different colors, it means your income will come from multiple sources and you should seek more economic sources.

Dream about Goat

The dream about a tame goat predicts the coming of good days.
The dream about a flock of goats predicts the good luck and suggests everything will move to the good direction and lead to success.
The dream about a flock with several black or gray goats reminds you to be thoughtful in advance.
The dream about goat horn suggests you will have good luck and become happy because some of your behaviors will be recognized by others.
The dream about goat head suggests the dissolute and luxury life.
If you ate goat meat in the dream, it means everything will go well.
If you killed a goat in the dream, it suggests you will move, change a job or get promoted.
If the goats moved on a farm in the dream, it suggests good weather for the crops and harvest.
Dreaming about two fighting rams suggests you are indecisive and overcautious.
If you were butted by a ram, it means you should be wary of your opponent from prying into your secret or business plan.
If you were chased by a goat, it means you will get help from a friend once in trouble.
If you are a pregnant woman, the goat dream is a good sign of baby son and indicates the baby will be filial and respectful to elders; if the goat was black, it is a bad sign which reminds you to be careful while going out and doing things and pay more attention to the health of your baby.

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