Deer Dream Meanings and Interpretation

Deer is a timid and meek creature as shy and soft as women. As a sign of wealth and success in the interpretation of dreams, deer usually indicates that you are in a good environment without danger. Also, it symbolizes the honest and pure interpersonal relationship, and the happy and faithful love. However, the meaning of deer varies with identity and circumstances.
It's good to dream of deer. The deer dream usually suggests that you are in a favorable environment related to fame and wealth. The dream of deer indicates you have been very careful in making friends. Though you have only a few friends, most of them are loyal and trustworthy.
If you are a lady, the dream of deer suggests you miss the adolescence very much and want to go back to youth.
To see a deer in your house in dream indicates you will be promoted and get a good chance. And perhaps this is the best time for promotion and pay rise. 
The dream of a herd of deer implies you are living a well-content, peaceful and smooth life. It is a good sign indicating that everything will go as you wish.
If the deer ran to you in the dream, it means you will get windfall from a relative’s gift or legacy beyond your expectation.
The dream of feeding fawn implies you will be lucky and make a certain breakthrough in love, so move to pursue if you have a crush on someone.
The dream of losing deer indicates you will be stuck in poverty and have to hold on and believe that tomorrow will be better.
The dream of deer drinking water by the river implies you are widely recognized and no one can set you up, as the masses have sharp eyes. Therefore, don't worry about it.
The dream of being attacked by deer means you will be haunted by gossip and your friendship with the opposite sex can be demonized by rumors. Sometimes, you are just showing normal sentiment but it can be considered as frivolous by others! So just take it easy.
If a deer was killed in your dream, it indicates you will suffer personal financial losses as someone may take advantage of your kindness and credulity to cheat you out of money.
The dream of killing deer suggests the current situation is unfavorable for you. The opponent is pressing on at every stage and you find it difficult to cope with, for which you should be steady and cope calmly. For farmers, the dream of killing deer indicates poor harvest. For those in business, the dream of killing deer implies a failure.
If the deer was killed by a beast in your dream, it means your instinct may prevail over your sense.
For prisoners, the dream of catching a jumping deer suggests you are about to be set free and leave the cell.
The dream of elk suggests you have a magic of attracting the opposite sex and will never want admirers.

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I dreamt i was going to this magical door like 3 or 4 times. And once u go in it wont open when i was done with it. I heard people were yelling about tigers on loose didnt saw anythung but dead deers it was alot of dead deers on my side. I wonder what that means. And i met my olddd friend in my dream as well

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Dreaming of tigers chasing me in my hometown house on and off for few months (0 Reply ) Asked by B***3

I have this more or less the same dream for a few months. I find myself back at my parent's home with my parents and my fiance. We are outside in the garden when a tiger attacks. In one dream the the tiger attacks a deer beside us and we all manage to run into the house. In another dream the tiger didnt manage to get the deer and attacked one of us instead. We run into the house and lock the front door and realise we didnt close the back door. I run to close the back door but too late the tiger is already coming in. We try to run in to our respective rooms and lock the door. In one dream i stay in my room and watch as the tigers roam outside the window. In another dream the tiger tries to barge into the room. In attempt to flee the tiger, i run to the window and jump out ( my original house is landed but when i jumped out of the window we had a balcony and were living high up). I jumped down almost ten floors and this scene repeats several times until the final jump was so terrifying i woke up feeling paralyzed.