Dog Dream Meanings

As the most faithful friend of human beings, dog is loyal to its owner and fierce to its enemy. On the one hand, it symbolizes morality, self-restraint, self-demanding and discipline in dream. On the other hand, it symbolizes friend and indicates the devoted love, loyal friendship, or the power of friends. Since the dog has a good sense of smell, it also represents detective, spy, etc.

What does dog mean in a dream?

Dreaming about Dog Barking
● Dreaming about dog barking indicates the dispute. Sometimes, it is a symbol of the one you dislike, the villain or the annoying thing.
● Dreaming about a dog barking at everyone suggests that someone will stir up enmity in front of you and you should not trust his/her words.
● Dreaming about a dog barking at you in front of its owner suggests that you may encounter someone trying to throw weight around and you should not provoke him/her.
● Dreaming about a dog barking at someone else indicates you may encounter something bad in the near future and suffer a financial loss.
● Dream about dogs barking at each other suggests that someone is designing a trap to plot against you and you should be vigilant against being cheated.

Dreaming about Dead or Lost Dog
● Dreaming about the dead dog is a symbol of financial loss. Also, it indicates that you have a bad mood recently and you should adjust your mood.
● Dreaming about the dog running away from home suggests that you will suffer a financial loss, or your child will be frightened by a dog or you will change your job.
● Dreaming about crying for the lost dog indicates that the unreasonable and foolhardy thing will fail to come true and you may even lose the job if you are not careful. It reminds you that you should have a strict plan for the work instead of acting rashly.
● Dreaming about the family rejoicing for finding back the lost dog indicates the thing you dedicated to will go on wheels and bring you benefit. For the pregnant woman, it suggests giving birth smoothly and making the whole family happy. If you are a newlywed, it indicates that you will get pregnant as scheduled.

Dreaming about Being Chased or Followed by a Dog
● Dreaming about being chased by a dog and scared indicates that you are escaping from something in your heart and worried about the bad influence caused by something bad.
● Dreaming about being chased by many dogs indicates that you have a heavy burden of life and a great psychological pressure and you should take care of yourself.
● Dreaming about being tracked by a hound suggests that you may fall into a trap or in danger in real life and you should not trust others' words easily.
● Dreaming about being followed by a dog suggests that you are trusted by others for your sincerity.
● Dreaming about a ferocious and barking dog running to you indicates that you have a different idea with your friend who may betray you if you cannot handle it properly.
● Dreaming about a friendly and lovely dog running to you indicates that you are good at handling interpersonal relationship and get along very well with people around you.

Dreaming about Being Bitten by a Dog
● Dreaming about being bitten by your dog suggests the financial loss, the contest with friend or the risk of being cheated.
● Dreaming about being bitten by a crazy dog indicates that someone in your work or family always turns against you or quarrel with you, making you confused and helpless.
● Dreaming about being bitten by a dog and leaving you a scar indicates that you are hurt by something bad and have a psychological shadow.
● Dreaming about a dog biting your hand indicates the bad factor which may hinder your career development; it is generally the external cause, such as the feud with someone else.
● Dreaming about a dog keeping biting your crus suggests that you are annoyed by something recently but haven't found the good solution. It reminds you that you should be innovative and discard the old ideas to make a new breakthrough. It may also indicate that a bad guy is hindering your progress secretly.
● Dreaming about a dog biting you tightly indicates that you have probably offended someone else due to the different ideas or you are envied by the narrow-minded.
● Dreaming about your dog chasing to bite you reminds that you should prevent the risk of being cheated, or you may suffer a financial loss.

Dreaming about Dog Biting Dog or Other Animals
● Dreaming about dog biting dog indicates that you may quarrel with someone else or suffer loss from a trouble.
● Dreaming about a dog fighting against a wolf indicates that you may suffer loss from business failure, property loss, being stolen or losing money.
● Dreaming about a dog biting a fish indicates that you will have prosperous business and more wealth. It is also a sign of good news to your family.
● Dreaming about a dog biting a snake to death is a sign of good luck.
● Dreaming about a dog biting a cat to death indicates the expansion of your business.

Dreaming about Keeping, Beating or Killing Dog
● Dreaming about keeping an expensive dog indicates the stable income.
● Dreaming about keeping many dogs indicates that you are a little powerless for the grand career, family property or handling many businesses.
● Dreaming about beating a dog suggests that you will doubt someone loyal to you because of your mistake.
● Dreaming about killing a dog suggests that you will betray someone else.
● Dreaming about your friend killing a dog suggests that he/she will betray you.

The pregnant woman dreaming about a dog indicates her expectation to the future baby and suggests the healthier body, and the safety of both mother and baby. From the perspective of pregnancy dream, it may indicate the birth of a baby boy.
● Dreaming about dog vomiting is a good sign which suggests the good health.
● Dreaming about a dog biting you reminds that you should have enough sleep and take healthy and regular diet.

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