2017 Feng Shui Tips and Cures

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    2017 Flying Star Chart

    2017, the year of Rooster, is coming and everyone is making new plans and preparations for the life, work, love and study in the next year. If you can learn your good or bad Feng Shui direction in your environment in advance and correctly adjust the Feng Shui layout in time, you could have prosperous family, successful career, good luck for wealth and examination and live a happy, healthy and peaceful life.
    2017 Flying Star Chart and Feng Shui Layout
    2017 Flying Star Chart: Good or Bad Directions, Properties and Aspects Affected
    One White (一白): a star in charge of romance. It belongs to water in five elements and mainly affects people's marriage and relation with others.
    Two Black (二黑): an illness star. It belongs to earth in five elements and is mainly adverse to health, especially gynecological and gastrointestinal diseases.
    Three Blue (三碧): a quarrelsome star. It belongs to wood in five elements and may lead to lawsuit, dispute, quarrel and theft.
    Four Green (四绿): Wenchang (文昌) Star in charge of romance and education. It belongs to wood in five elements and is good for study, exam, advanced study, fame and clerical work.
    Five Yellow (五黄): an extremely inauspicious star. It belongs to earth in five elements and is adverse to health, may lead to misfortune.
    Six White (六白): Wuqu (武曲) Star. It belongs to metal in five elements and is good for promotion, military official and wealth.
    Seven Red (七赤): also known as Pojun (破军) Star. It has the strong destructive force, belongs to metal in five elements and mainly leads to financial losses, theft, prison and injury.
    Eight White (八白): a prosperous star. It belongs to earth in five elements and is very good for wealth and promotion.
    Nine Purple (九紫): a celebration star. It belongs to fire in five elements and means all kinds of festive and auspicious things, especially wedding and baby birth.

    Detailed Analysis of Flying Star Chart for 2017

    In 2017, the nine flying stars will fly to the new positions from February 3, 2017, the Beginning of Spring. With the position change of the flying stars, the auspicious or inauspicious property of the nine directions in home Feng Shui also changes. However, you can adjust the Feng Shui layout by changing the nine directions in home or living room. The property of the nine stars at the corresponding directions in 2017, precautions and cures are mentioned below. If you can use the directions properly, you will resolve the bad impact of inauspicious stars and strengthen the benefit of auspicious stars to get good luck and drive away bad energy!
    1. Central Palace: Romance (One White Star)
    Aspects Affected: Investment, Love, Relation with Others, Going Out and Travel
    In 2017, One White Star in charge of romance will fly to the Central Palace and bring you certain good luck for wealth. In particular, it can bring you better luck with the opposite sex and relation with others. If Feng Shui layout is proper at this direction, you will obtain profits, have good relation with others and get help from others and you singles may fall love with the right one; on the contrary, however, you will get involved in many unfavorable opposite sex friends, have disputes with husband or wife and feel helpless in career. If you are unmarried, you may place bright flowers or aquatic plants in the Central Place to improve your luck for marriage. In 2017, the most auspicious months for this direction include lunar February, June, October and December.
    2. Northwest: Sickness (Two Black Star)
    Two Black Star means sickness and it is in charge of illness, pain, skin, spleen and stomach diseases, thus affects your health. In the year of 2017, it will fly to Northwest and you should avoid this direction to stay away from illness. If you often sit or sleep in northwest at home or in office or have a kitchen or door here, your family's health will be threatened. Red and yellow ornaments shall be avoided in this sector. Lunar April, July and September are inauspicious for this direction in 2017, during which you should pay special attention to your health and seek medical advice in time once you suffer an illness.

    3. Southwest: Robbery (Seven Red Star)
    Seven Red Star, also known as Pojun (破军), will fly to Southwest in 2017 and it is changeable, thus promotion is suggested rather than restraint. The star also suggests the decline of luck and may lead to loss of power, theft and robbery, but it is good for art, entertainment, and unpopular industry. Due to the inter-promotion, it will benefit the promotion of military official if the layout is proper; on the contrary, it will make you greedy for liquor and beauty, suffer financial loss, and ungrateful and be harmful to your power. This direction shall be static rather than dynamic and you may place a copper rooster here to guard house, recruit wealth, improve the luck for windfall, avoid disaster and protect the family peace. If you are unmarried, you may place four flowers here to improve your luck with the opposite sex.
    4. Southeast: Celebration (Nine Purple Star)
    The auspicious star Nine Purple symbolizing happy things will fly to southeast in this year and it suggests all kinds of festive and auspicious things, especially wedding and baby birth. This direction will be quite auspicious in 2017 and Nine Purple Star belongs to fire in five elements, which mutually generates with earth, the element of Xun in the Eight Diagrams. You may place a red Chinese knot or lantern to strengthen its force.
    5. South: Misfortune (Five Yellow Star)
    The inauspicious star Five Yellow will fly to the due south and it is an extremely inauspicious star belonging to earth in five elements. It is adverse to health and may lead to misfortunes. The direction due south belongs to fire in five elements while fire can generate earth to strengthen the inauspicious property of Five Yellow, thus may hurt the male family members, lead to the illness like urinary tract disease, poor mental condition and kidney disease. Since Five Yellow is inauspicious, you are not suggested to go to operation, break ground, raise fish, place plant or sit for a long time in this direction, or you may suffer from disasters. Meanwhile, you should not place red or yellow items or heavy things belonging to fire and earth in this direction to avoid further strengthening its force. Metal is helpful to release earth, so you may place the copper or gold metal blessed by an eminent monk to release its bad energy.
    6. Northeast: Education (Four Green Star)
    Four Green Star, also known as Wenchang (文昌), will fly to northeast in 2017 and it is in charge of study, fame, exam, advanced study, reputation, and clerical work. If your family member will take an examination, you should pay particular attention to this direction. For example, moving the desk to the northeast of the study, which will improve the academic record; you will think flexibly and have everything go well with your work if you work at this direction. You may place green carpet to be blessed by the star or place peach made Wenchang Tower in the northeast of your home or office to improve the academic luck.
    7. East: Prosperity (Eight White Star)
    The prosperity star Eight White will fly to the due east in 2017 and you may obtain a great deal of wealth from work and windfall in this direction. Eight White belongs to earth in five elements while earth can generate metal, so the items belonging to metal can be placed here to improve the luck for wealth. Also, you are suggested to place a copper cornucopia ornament to draw money, accumulate wealth and exorcise evil spirits. Or, you may place two big-leave evergreens to make your home prosperous and draw money. Never place the vessels with "water", such as fish tank or vase here, so as to avoid financial loss.
    In 2017, lunar January, April, September and December are the best months in due east. However, you should beware that due east is also the direction clashing with Tai Sui, so you people under Rooster, Rabbit, Rat and Dog should not sit here for a long time.
    8. North: Power and Promotion (Six White Star)

    In 2017, Six White Star, also known as Wuwu (武曲), will fly to due north where other auspicious stars also gather, thus the direction is extremely auspicious. The star benefits military official, promotion, wealth and is in charge of power. Sitting in this direction, you will find everything goes well with your work and have quite good luck for wealth and windfall. If you want to have better luck for career other than civil service, you should make good use of Six White Star. If the door of your house or office is north-facing, you involving in technical, laboring or often travelling work will be prosperous in both wealth and children and you can make a fortune, especially for you running a factory. You will have the best luck for wealth in lunar March, June and October.
    9. West: Quarrelsome (Three Blue Star)

    Three Blue Star will fly to due west in 2017 and it is a quarrelsome star symbolizing lawsuit, dispute, quarrel and theft. If your gate is north-facing or your gate and bedroom is located at this direction, the epidemic pathogenic factors will gather and make your family restless and often quarrel, so you should think carefully before you act and take a step backward. If the Feng Shui layout is proper here, you will get both wealth and official benefit; on the contrary, you will be prone to hands, feet and nervous system diseases and suffer from father-son conflicts and endless disputes. To avoid offending the inauspicious star, you should not place green plants or items belonging to wood, or raise fish in this direction because water can generate wood and will strengthen the force of Three Blue Star. In addition, due west belongs to metal in five elements while metal restricts wood and intensifies the disputes. If your children's bed or study and playing area is in this direction, you should guard against accidents.

    Three Killings, Grand Duke and Year Breaker Star

    Three Killings (San Sha三煞) Direction: Three Killings usually cause obstacles, mishaps, misfortunes and disasters to you if you couldn’t treat it properly. 2017 is the year of Rooster. Snake, Rooster and Ox, one of the Four Compatible Groups (San He 三合), form the metal chart and metal indicates west, so east is the direction of Three Killings.
    1. The direction of Three Killings shall be static rather than dynamic and this area shall have no groundbreaking, crossbar or pillar, or placed with plants or potted plants, so as to avoid offending the Three Killings.
    2. No entrance here. It means the door of shop, house or office shall not be at the Three Killings direction.
    3. The office (seat) or bedroom (bed) shall not be located at the Three Killings direction.
    Grand Duke (Tai Sui太岁) and Year Breaker Star (Sui Po岁破): If you disturb or offend Tai Sui, misfortune and problems will come to you. So, the location of the annual Tai Sui should be paid much attention to. In 2017, the Grand Duke is located in the due west. The Year Breaker Star clashes with the Grand Duke and should be treated with the same degree of caution. The direction of Year Breaker is located in the east in 2017.
    1. Avoid moving into a house facing towards the Grand Duke that is west in this year.
    2. Avoid renovations, groundbreaking or major changes in the west and east directions in 2017.
    3. Don’t sit facing the Grand Duke or sleep with your head pointing towards his direction.
    4. In this year, if you are under one of the signs of Rat, Rabbit, Rooster and Dog, you will conflict with Tai Sui. So you shall avoid the above two directions especially.