2024 Feng Shui Tips and Cures

2024 Flying Star Chart

The nine flying stars are mainly to determine the auspicious and inauspicious directions of the year. As the directions and positions play a great role in Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy), when we do the right things in the right directions or positions, we can maximize the favorable effect of the fortune of the directions, and the inauspicious directions should be taken special care of and cured. 
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Three Cycles and Nine Periods

The “Three Cycles and Nine Periods” Chart
Each year's fortune will change according to the doctrine of the “Three Cycles and Nine Periods”, which is one of the more complicated theories in Feng Shui, if it can be grasped, it will serve a good guide on the life path in the future.
As of 2024, it will be the Period 9 of Lower Cycle (2024—2043), which is called the Nine Purple Luck, lasting for 20 years.
The year 2024 is the beginning of a new grand fortune cycle. The “three cycles and nine periods” cycles once every 180 years, and experiencing any of these cycles represents a drastic change in the grand fortune.
For some people, changes in the grand fortune cycle may lead to their years of hard work in vain, but for some people who can seize the grand fortune cycle and make timely self-adjustment, the grand fortune cycle is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make their own development like a duck to water, so that they can move forward one step closer to success.

How Period 9 Affect People's Life?

Best Directions
Period 9 is the Lower Cycle of the Three Cycles. In this stage, the Nice Purple Star prevails, and the Fire Element of the Five Elements dominates, so the red color signifies the most prosperous. As such, the best sitting direction in Period 9 is the south. Read more about Best Directions in Period 9 Feng Shui.
Lucky Zodiac Signs
The “Three Cycles and Nine Periods” takes 180 years to complete a full cycle. By 2024, this round of the cycle will come to an end, and the next cycle will start. Many Chinese zodiac signs will see a change in their fortune. Let’s see which Chinese zodiac signs will have the best fortune in Period 9 starting from 2024. Read more about Which Chinese Zodiac is Considered the Luckiest in Feng Shui Period 9?
Best Careers
As the fire element is dominant in Period 9, such industries related to the attribute of the fire element as electronics, computers and networks, communication and information, medicine; oil extraction, electricity, natural gas, temples and Taoist monasteries will flourish. 

2024 Grand Duke (Tai Sui 太岁) and Year Breaker Star (Sui Po 岁破)

Accohinese Astrology, if you disturb or offend Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), misfortune and problems will come to you. So, the location of the annual Tai Sui should be paid much attention to.

Tai Sui for 2024 is General Li Cheng (李诚). 

In 2024, the Grand Duke is located in the Southeast. The Year Breaker Star clashes with the Grand Duke and should be treated with the same degree of caution. The direction of Year Breaker is located in the Northwest in 2024. 

What to Avoid:
1. Avoid moving into a house facing towards the Grand Duke that is Southeast in 2024.
2. Avoid renovations, groundbreaking or major changes in the two directions of Southeast and Northwest in 2024. 
3. Don’t sit facing the Grand Duke or sleep with your head pointing towards his direction.
4. In 2024, if you are born in the year of the Dragon, Ox, Rabbit or Dog sign, you clash with Tai Sui. If you are under one of these signs, you should avoid Southeast and Northwest especially in 2024.  

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Three Killings

2024 Three Killings Direction
Three Killings (3 Killings, 3 Evils or San Sha 三煞) usually cause obstacles, mishaps, misfortunes and disasters to you if you couldn’t treat it properly. It is one of the major afflictions that need to be updated before the Chinese New Year (Li Chun or the beginning of spring). 2024 is the year of Dragon. Rat, Monkey and Dragon, one of the Four Compatible Groups (San He 三合), form the Water chart and water indicates North so the opposit direction of North which is South is the direction of Three Killings. 

What to Avoid?
1. The direction of Three Killings shall be static rather than dynamic and this area shall have no groundbreaking, crossbar or pillar, or placed with plants or potted plants, so as to avoid offending the Three Killings.
2. No entrance here. It means the door of shop, house or office shall not be at the Three Killings direction.
3. The office (seat) or bedroom (bed) shall not be located at the Three Killings direction.