Dream of Bear Meanings and Interpretation

Bears are thought to be clumsy and slow due to the massive body and the mode of action, but they have the power to pose a threat to human beings. Therefore, bear is a symbol of masculinity and strength.
The dream about a live bear reminds you to watch out for violation. If it was a dead bear, then the dream involves a negative character in depth. If it was a toy bear, the dream shows you are seeking for security. From a spiritual point of view, the bear dream symbolizes the great power of spirit.
Bear is also a symbol of enemy and possible obstacles in your work. The dream of a dangerous and clumsy bear implies you've been worrying too much recently. 
If the bear rushed over to you in the dream, it means you may oppose the tough opponent for a long term and need to be prudent enough and find a way to reconcile from the premise of protecting yourself.
The dream of being chased by a bear shows that your competitor is catching up with you and wants to surpass you. It symbolizes obstacles in your career.
If you were killed by a bear in the dream, it indicates that there will be troubles in your life, and you will be defeated by a strong opponent. In reality, you should take evasive action and attack his/her weakness. Of course, the best way is to turn the enemy into a friend for a win-win situation.
The dream of a running bear suggests the upcoming happiness.
The dream of a bear running away suggests the end of a disaster and the forthcoming happiness.
The dream of eating a bear shows that you are good at summing up and able to gain experience in overcoming difficulties to benefit yourself.
The dream of killing a bear indicates that you will overcome obstacles in your work or life and yield the desired results.
If the bear was killed by someone else in your dream, it means you will get help to dig yourself out of a hole.
The dream of a bear walking on the mountain indicates that you might be in low spirit and overcautious recently, and need to rouse yourself and boldly move forward.
The dream of a bear coming down from the mountain top indicates that you may have a lawsuit which will haunt you.
If a bear went up the mountain and disappeared at the mountain top in your dream, it indicates that all sufferings would end.
The dream of a dead bear drifting in the river indicates that your neighbor or friend may be in danger.
If a bear turned into a human and talked with many people in your dream, it symbolizes that one of your friends is good at dealing with relationships and has many friends. The dream implies that you should be on good terms with this friend and you will benefit from it.
If a bear turned into a human and seemed to eat people, and you were very close to it in the dream, it suggests that you wish to know more friends and envy those who have many friends yet worry about being hurt by the close relationship.

Black Bear

The dream of a black bear symbolizes the suppressed desire, and if the bear stopped attacking you, it means you will have a baby.
The dream of a black bear attacking you suggests that you may have obstacles that are difficult to overcome, or you may get sick.
The dream of a dead black bear drifting in the river indicates a rainstorm or your neighbor or friend may be in danger.

White Bear

The dream of a dancing white bear indicates that you will be promoted at work, see a pay rise and get on well with your boss.
For boatmen, the dream of a dead white bear drifting in the water suggests the upcoming tsunami.

Polar Bears

Dreaming of polar bears symbolizes wealth, good luck and happiness.
The dream of polar bears preying underneath the ice indicates that you will defeat the opponent in the extremely difficult competition and stand out in the industry.
The dream of polar bears walking in the snow suggests you will gain fame and fortune but lose friends.

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