Face Reading Cheeks

Plump Rounded Cheeks

Those with plump rounded yet not raised cheeks are just and serious in work and they are down-to-earth, positive and enterprising. Defying trivial conventions, they are broad-minded, faithful in word, honest and responsible to career and family, and never bully others. Men with plump rounded cheeks can start a business steadily and basically get social prestige and achievement in middle age; also, they are persistent and faithful, will never leave their wives who have nothing at all because they are affectionate and family-oriented. Women with plump rounded cheeks always manage the family affairs methodically; the meaty round face is the best, which suggests the skilled management of family property, the good command and control of house and environment, and this kind of women attend to everything personally and work seriously, thus the all-rounder.

Evidently Raised Cheek

In ancient China, this kind of cheeks was regarded as treasonous. People of evidently raised cheeks are stubborn and tenacious, and they will never change their mind despite the sufferings. As a result, they tend to suffer many privations and lose out of the personality. At the same time, they are vindictive; once you make them unhappy, they make you sad for the whole life. As the saying goes, revenge is a dish that should be eaten cold. Most of them are ungrateful and requite kindness with enmity. You are suggested to keep away from them.

Flat Cheeks

Here, flat means skinny. People with flat cheeks share happiness with you but leave you alone in bad times. They seldom help others as they are selfish, so few people lend a hand to them when they are in trouble. Men with flat cheeks often change about and have it both ways; they are clever yet dishonest. For women, the cheeks present popularity and material wealth; women with flat cheeks are unfaithful, so the wealth and rank will not last long because they are not destined to enjoy.

Sunken Cheeks

In lack of fighting spirit, people with sunken cheeks get limited support from friends and they are often dragged or hampered, so they have to stand on their own feet. In later years, they have no good luck and need to live on the previous results.

Shrivel Cheeks

Sunken cheeks with long lines or wrinkles belong to those who are harsh and not good at staffing and whose employees are rebellious. Also, this kind of people tends to have bad house Feng Shui, which will lead to limited property, uncomfortable life and unsatisfactory performance.

Cheek Lines and Cheeks

Cheek Lines (Nasolabial folds) are located on both sides of the nose and close to the cheeks at the end. The tight and firm folds belong to those who are capable and well-experienced. If the cheeks are plump rounded at the same time, they can purchase property in a planner manner and expand the family property steadily.


Cheekbone is a slightly raised bone that located underneath the eye socket and found in the middle of face. The position and plumpness of cheekbone affect one's fortune. Neither the overly raised, sunken, high or low, big or small cheekbone conforms to the standard in face reading. The high rather than low, plump rather than skinny cheek bone is preferred. More about Face Reading Cheekbones

Cheek Dimples

People with dimples smile sweetly and they are versatile, popular, frank and generous. Generally, they show their talents in youth and pursue the free and unfettered life. However, the luck declines in old age. More about Cheek Dimples

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