I had a dream of being in a room with someone I really don't like. We were sitting near a fireplace in a home, when I was a kid. The emotion I felt in the dream sitting near her, was anger and rage. Then, a large grey rat appeared from the fireplace. It wanted to come out of the fireplace, but I moved on purpose to make it go back into the fireplace. Then, it tried to come out by climbing up a wired fireplace guard. So I stood-up and was about to slap it, but it jumped at me and I saw the rats eyes. I immediately woke-up.

What does this mean? My zodiac is a snake, and the person I don't like is also a snake. Could it be a curse on me from the person I don't like (she knows people who does black magic)? Is it bad luck? I thought maybe it might be good luck because snakes like to eat rats. Even though I was scared and angry when it jumped at me. What could this mean?

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