Dream Interpretation and Meaning of Eagle

Eagle presents career. The eagle soaring high in the sky symbolizes career success. The eagle in your dream is a symbol of ambitious goal or a yearning for freedom.
The dream about a soaring eagle predicts prosperous career, academic progress or booming business.
The dream about an eagle soaring to the sky implies your career will reach to a new level or field.
If you were attacked or frightened by an eagle in the dream, it means you are now targeted and need to overcome great difficulties to achieve the present goal.
The dream about an eagle hovering overhead predicts you will be ambitious and work hard for the ideal to achieve your wish.
The dream about an eagle landed on your head suggest you will get promoted.
The dream about an eagle perched high far away suggests you will get wealth and fame and win a top job in the country.
The dream about eaglets in a nest indicates you will make friends with noble people and benefit great from their wise teachings; or you will accidentally inherit a large fortune.
The dream about catching an eagle implies a career failure.
The dream about killing an eagle suggest nothing can stop you from reaching your highest goal. You will defeat your opponent and win countless wealth.
The dream about someone else killing an eagle suggests your senior position and good fortune will be taken away ruthlessly.
The dream about eating an eagle implies you are strong-willed and will never change your direction in any challenging struggle, even if you are in life risk. You will get tremendous wealth soon.
The dream about riding an eagle means that to seek knowledge and wealth, you will take a long trip to a place that is almost unexplored and ultimately fulfil your wish.
The dream about an eagle catching a pigeon symbolizes that you will have something to worry about in the near future.
The dream about seeing an eagle's feathers indicates your inner wish will come true.
If you are pregnant, the dream about an eagle indicates you may have a baby boy or come to a new stage of life or career.

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Eagle dream (0 Reply ) Asked by T***e

I read your list of dreams regarding eagles. However I did not see mine. I dreamed I was swimming in a pristine lake, almost eye level with the water. But I had a birds eye view at the same time? There, in front of me, was about four or five beautiful bald eagles bathing in the water. Maybe fifty feet, a safe distance but not a care I was there. That's all I remember.. along with the calmest feeling I have ever felt. What does this mean? Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you for reading