Dream Meanings of Cattle, Ox, Cow

Cattle are usually interpreted as hard work and wealth in dreams. 

The dream about white cattle suggests you will accomplish a lot at work and live a better life.

Dreaming about cow giving birth to a calf reminds you to review the recent gains and losses, find the direction to improve and act out. Also, it means you will have unstable luck for money, should avoid making further investment, watch out while going out and be careful about stomach diseases.
The sturdy bull is a sign of violence, energy and amazing creativity. If you are in a relationship, the dream about a bull suggests your desire for passion.
The dream about a male buffalo is a propitious sign which means your hard work will be paid back, so make continuing efforts!
The dream about a male buffalo at home is an ill omen of funeral, which indicates the aged of your family may pass away.
The dream about cattle at home is a good omen which suggests the aged will live longer and your family will be in peace.
The dream about being chased by cattle suggests you will face with a disaster; if you are female, it suggests your husband may doubt about your virginity and quarrel with you.
The dream about sturdy cattle suggests you will be healthy and strong while the dream of lean cattle is a sign of serious disease.
Dreaming about grazing cows is a symbol of peace and prosperity and it means you will accumulate wealth.
Dreaming about a herd of milking cows suggests you will make a coveted fortune.
The dream about a calf suggests you will be spoiled by people around and win a loyal heart. When it comes to business, the dream indicates the profits of sales. For love, it suggests the happy life with your partner.
The dream about a robust calf is a propitious sign of making a fortune or having a baby; if you are engaging in a lawsuit, it suggests you will win the case. The dream about a lean calf, however, is a sign of difficult situation.
If you led the cattle for ploughing work or went up the mountain with the cattle in your dream, it suggests you will get rich through hard work.
Dreaming about a herd of cattle going downhill suggests you will be lucky in every endeavor, overcome the hardships to achieve something without extra effort and enjoy high position and great wealth in later years. 
Dreaming about the cattle going out is a sign of good news.
Dreaming about riding an ox indicates you will experience a happy event.
The dream about bullfight symbolizes strength and masculinity.
Dreaming about being attacked by a bull suggests your love relationship will be hampered.
Dreaming about being chased by cattle suggests you may encounter obstacles and need to beware of the vile characters.
If the cattle attacked someone else or ate someone, it is a bad omen of dilemma or danger for you. You will find it hard to do anything and may take the chance to adjust your pace of life to avoid the low time.
If you saw the bleeding cattle head in your dream, it is a symbol of worship ceremony and banquet and suggests you will encounter a happy event or get a promotion recently.
The dream about hordes of cattle and horses indicates that, you will have unexpected good luck, such as winning a lottery.
Dreaming about herding cattle and sheep in a pasture suggests you will break through in athletics and sports. If you are an athlete, it means you will get good news.
Dreaming about the cattle grazing in a pasture suggests you are happy with a like-minded partner.
If you are a man and felt like youself was a bull in the dream, it means you are confident about your strength and ability.
Dreaming about driving the cattle to the slaughter house suggests you will encounter obstacles and experience hardships while working with someone.