Chin/Jaw Face Reading

What does your chin say about you?

In Chinese face reading, the chin and jaw present one's fortune trend in later years between 61 and 75, and the luck with children and subordinates. Also, the chin and jaw show one's tenacity, aggressivity, endurance and working attitude. For the powerful people, a good chin is just like the icing on the cake.

It is generally believed that, the broad, round and plump chin is a symbol of wealth. The short, extremely jutting, pointed or fleshy chin with scar, wrinkle or bad mole is regarded as the worst.

1. Short Chin

People with short chin are very introverted and emotional. Sometimes, they are extreme, tactless and unenduring, so it's hard for them to accomplish something and they may suffer from loneliness in old age.

2. Long Chin

The long chin belongs to those who are righteous, patient, persistent, emotional, loyal and popular. People with long chin are blessed, enjoy longevity and play the role of good marriage partner. Since they are very devoted in love, they are easily upset and get hurt seriously once betrayed. Therefore, they are recommended to choose a lover in peaceful mind. Those with overly long chin are suspicious, scheming and lonely in old age.

3. Double Chin and Round Chin

Double chin suggests the well-off life and comfortable twilight years. Round chin indicates the amenity of life and many rich ladies have this kind of chin.

Double Chin: In terms of physiognomy, double chin presents wealth and it belongs to the enduring, generous and well-educated people who often get help from others, have good interpersonal relationship, enjoy high prestige and command universal respect. At the same time, they tend to have sweet love, gentle and soft personality, and happy later life. For women, the plump double chin indicates the good luck and support to husband while for men, it indicates the good luck for wealth.

Round Chin: Round chin belongs to the lucky people who enjoy sweet love. If the chin is round and wide, it will be even better. This kind of people is gentle, optimistic, seemingly silly yet delicate in love. They are kind-hearted and have filial children, thus can enjoy the happy later years. Women of round chin are family-oriented while men are loyal to love and make great achievements in career. However, they should beware of being deceived because of innocence.

4. Fleshy Chin

Fleshy chin is similar with double chin but the flesh is not in double layers. People with fleshy chin are blessed, have better luck and lead an easy and comfortable life in old age.

5. Protruding/Jutting Chin

Generally, people with protruding/jutting chin are romantic, art-oriented, sentimental and popular with the opposite sex. However, they are careless, often get hurt and misspeak.

Those with overly protruding/jutting chin are very aggressive and possessive, never let off the enemy and want to take the lead of everything.

The pointed and jutting chin belongs to people who are emotional, helpful, kind to others and capable. They need to look out uterus problems.

6. Pointed Chin

People with pointed chin are thoughtful and inquisitive, seek spiritual and intellectual satisfaction for the whole life and tend to neglect the family. They are unrealistic and romantic, like to go out and should get married late, or they will experience the marriage crisis. With the poor sense of family responsibility, they don't know how to take care of children and need to choose those with wide chin to get married.

The overly pointed chin suggests the poor cooperation with others and no matter what others do for them, they take it for granted.

Both men and women with pointed and narrow chin are somewhat nervous and frustrated in love relationship. They tend to lead a short life; even if they enjoy longevity, they will be lonely and poor in old age.

7. Square Chin

Basically, square chin is seen on those who are strong, stubborn, honest, down-to-earth and can survive in the harsh environment. They are the thorough idealists, who have the courage to take action even if they know the situation is bad for them. This kind of people know how to take care of others and have a strong sense of family responsibility but lack of interest in life and are not romantic. They are so stubborn in love that they break up immediately with those they can't understand. Once they have a crush on someone, however, they will knock over every difficulty and devote to the relationship.

8. Receding Chin

Mentally immature and indecisive, people of receding chin often change about, lack of concentration and tend to be ruled by others. They take a prudent, submissive and modest attitude but often lose the opportunity due to the overcautious character, so they are suitable to cooperation and assistance work rather than start up business independently. With good interpersonal relationship, they usually stand out in the work dealing with people. In terms of love, they are indifferent or unfaithful.

9. Cleft Chin

Cleft chin means the chin has a cleft which divides the jaw in half and makes it look like a 'ω'. It is generally recognized that the cleft chin is a sign of good luck to husband or wife, and amazing artistic creativity. According to traditional Chinese physiognomy, however, the cleft chin is not simply regarded as the blessed but the symbol of 'two homes'. On the good side, it suggests two or more houses (property); on the bad side, it may indicate the husband and wife living in separate places or remarriage. People with cleft chin are sentimental and enjoy the colorful life. In terms of love, they believe they pay too much and want the other pay back as the same, thus often get hurt due to the unequal gain.

10. Wide Chin

Wide chin commonly belongs to people who are upright and a little impulsive; despite the strong power of execution, they lack of scheming mind and may be used by others easily. They are tolerant and kind-hearted though green-eyed. Those with fleshy wide chin are broad-minded, kind, blessed and lucky in old age.

11. Crooked Chin

In face reading, the crooked chin is regarded as introverted, stubborn, special interest and pursuit; once they break up, they may take on the wrong road. Meanwhile, they believe love is all and may die for love. Also, they are extreme, tactless, impatient and lonely in old age. The pointed and crooked chin belongs to those who lack of sincerity and requite kindness with enmity.