Dream Meanings of Tomato

Tomato is often associated with good luck. The dream about tomatoes symbolizes you will step into new phase at work or in life. Also, to see a tomato in your dream suggests everything will go well.
Psychological analysis: tomato is red and the color red, a symbol of good luck, is loved by Chinese people. Psychologically, the dream about tomatoes shows your desire for a beautiful and prosperous life.
Spirit symbol: tomato is a symbol of good luck spiritually. 
Eating Tomato:
For unmarried men, the dream about eating tomato means you will have good luck or marry a beautiful and gentle woman.
For unmarried women, the dream about eating tomato suggests you will be in sound health or marry a strong and healthy man.
For married women, the dream about eating tomato indicates good health and family happiness.
For married men, the dream about eating tomato suggests you will be blessed and get more family income.
For patients, the dream about eating tomato suggests a quick recovery.
The dream about eating tomato or a dish with tomato or tomato juice suggests you will achieve success or get sexual satisfaction.
The dream about eating a rotten tomato is a sign of misfortune and reminds you to be careful.

Selling and Buying Tomato:
The dream about selling tomatoes suggests you might be bullied by someone.
The dream about buying tomatoes suggests you will have guests.

Tomato Sauce:

The dream about tomato sauce suggests you will have a charming friend.

Green Tomato:
The dream about green tomatoes suggests something will go against your will and you need to watch out.

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