Dream about Pig Meanings

The dream of a fat pig suggests prosperous career full of vitality. Conversely, the dream of a thin pig suggests the depressed family property and one of your family members may make trouble.
The dream of sow suggests your wealth will add up.
The dream of pig's head is an auspicious sign of good luck and help from others. Keep an eye on the news you heard because there might be a hidden opportunity which will surprise you.
Dreaming about the house full of pigs is a symbol of harvest and breakthrough at work.
If a pig became a person in your dream, it means you may involve in a lawsuit and should step backward to avoid a conflict.
Dreaming about a pig and its manure suggests a rare opportunity in life which may bring you great wealth in the near future.
Dreaming about running after a pig suggests your current efforts might be in vain and you'd better change direction in time.
Dreaming about being chased by a pig suggests you will have good luck and solve the problem on your own.
Dreaming about riding a pig is a sign of good luck, which suggests you will succeed in the current investment or career, get a windfall or make progress in a relationship but should watch out for a love triangle.
If your pig ran away in the dream, it suggests the beginning of a hard time.
Dreaming about holding a piglet suggests the windfall brought by stock or real estate investment. It is a good dream of windfall and you should take the chance!
Dreaming about the squealing pig suggests the bad news.
Dreaming about being bitten by a pig suggests you will have good luck and your recent plan will be successful.
If a pig leaned on you in the dream, it means some unexpected expenses which will trouble you, such as inviting someone to dinner.
If a pig ran to you in the dream, it reminds you to pay attention to hygiene and you may catch an infectious disease.
If the pig herd ran to you in the dream, it is a sign of solving an unexpected thing or getting high return from a small investment.
If a sow gave birth to piglets in your dream, it means your luck will rise steadily, everything will go well, and it is the best time to improve yourself.
If a sow was followed by piglets in your dream, it suggests you may have a new family member.
If the piglets sucked a sow in your dream, it reminds you to watch your health and you may fall ill.
Dreaming about feeding a pig suggests you may make a critical mistake because of negligence and reminds you to be careful.
Dreaming about killing a pig is quite ominous and it suggests you may have a disaster, separate with your family or spend a lot of energy to solve a problem.
If a hound ran after a pig in your dream, it reminds you to be careful of theft or robbery.
Dreaming about becoming a pig suggests you may not acquire a peaceful end.
If someone sent you a live pig in the dream, it suggests a happy event. For example, you may get a betrothal gift or your plan will be implemented.
For a pregnant woman, the dream of black pig suggests a baby boy while the white pig suggests a baby girl.

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i dream a two pig i was able to safeguard theme in a piggery thank you

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I dream about something weird. In that dream I was in a palace, with a big hall and everybody can fly, including me. I fly arround the palace and I reallize it was in the sky. After that, one woman come approach me, she wear white dress and then she said to me "Let's go, I will take you for a walk to human realm. After that, both of us suddenly arrive in one village, we turn into like normal human. Then I saw a big area in the middle of the village, and I saw a lot of people are doing butchering to the cow, sheep, chicken, pig and it was a lot of blood, then a lot of people come to take the meat. I feel horrible, disgusting and creepy for seeing that things. Then, we go to enter a small street, and it was like a market area. But the weird things is, there is no buyer at all, just 2 of us only (me and the "Guan Yin" that turn into human), and all the store seller is old grandma and old grandpa. When I see arround, all the stuffs they sell is broken stuffs, like rotten fruit, dull clothes, and all broken things, all the grandma and grandpa look so sad. Suddenly, when we passed by, one grandma call me and she said "Young man, please buy my flower". When I see, she selling withered flower, and she continue speaking "Please buy my withered flower" with sad face. Then I search my pocket and look there is silver coin, so I gave it to the grandma, and she say thanks with a sad smile. After that, the woman talk to me, "This is it the human realm, everybody even the old one, still needs money and they cant live without money". Suddenly I see a man that buying a stuff from one grandpa, we see each other without speaking, and I realize he is the same with me that come to that place to help the people. After that, I woke up. Please help about this mysterious dream meaning, thanks.