Dream of Crocodile Meanings and Interpretation

Crocodile or alligator, fierce and cruel, is a symbol of mighty and ferocious foe in dreams. In general, a dream about crocodile indicates that you may have a financial misunderstanding or conflict with a friend or suffer from some interpersonal estrangements in the near future, which is quite annoying. The dream about crocodile implies some kind of fear in you which you cannot get rid of and are afraid of being eaten up with it; it also indicates suffering in life or in spirit.

Different Persons Dreaming about Crocodile

If you are an office worker, the dream about crocodile means imbalanced efforts and results at work and a lot of your efforts will finally become the performance of others.
If you are a student, the dream about crocodile reminds you to be proactive rather than passive in your study.
If you are starting a business, the dream about crocodile symbolizes the financial difficulty in your investment project caused by family ties, which may lead to financial losses if you fail to exercise due diligence.
If you are a wage earner, the dream about crocodile means you should be honest in work and never muddle through your work, so as to find confidence from the details.
If you are studying for a test, the dream about crocodile suggests failure to get an ideal score due to a few mistakes.
For businessmen, the dream about crocodile suggests pretty good luck for money and profits pouring in from all sides.
For patients, the dream about crocodile suggests good luck and gradual physical rehabilitation though no complete improvement of the disease.
If you are romantically involved, the dream about crocodile suggests a stable relationship in the near future and you will get on well with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Though there might be some minor problems or disputes, your relationship will become sweeter. 
If you are single, the dream about crocodile implies you will be quite popular with the opposite sex and blessed in love relationship, so take the chance to start a relationship.
If you are a married man, the dream about crocodile suggests hardships when you take a business trip or go out for travel, so you’d better not go. 
If you are a married woman, the dream about crocodile implies you will get pregnant and have a baby boy. 

Crocodile Biting, Eating, Chasing Meanings

If a crocodile was biting someone in your dream, it means things are not going well for you in interpersonal relationship lately and your aggressive personality may estrange you from others. For the elders, such a dream suggests possible health problems, and even death. For young people, such a dream implies a friend may betray or oppose you, making you feel hurt inside.

The dream about a crocodile biting you suggests you may be attacked by an enemy, or you may make enemies with someone who has betrayed or harmed you. In either case, the opponent is fierce and ruthless, so don't trust to luck. 
If a crocodile was eating someone in your dream, it means you fear of something in life which makes you helpless and anxious and just have no idea about how to cope. For married people, it suggests the disputes arising between you in daily life have affected the stable life. For unmarried people, it suggests you have offended a powerful person by an unintentional act, which may be harmful to you and you need to make up for it. For women, such a dream is an evil sign of rival in love and emotional crisis. For patients, the dream implies the sense of loss caused by your disease and reminds you to keep a peaceful mind. If the crocodile was eating your friend, the dream suggests he/she may get in trouble while you will be the only one who can offer help; once you give a hand, he/she will be greatly appreciated. If the crocodile was eating a rival or foe, the dream implies you don't need to take any action and your rival at work or in career will cut his/her own throat.
If a crocodile climbed out the bank in your dream, it indicates you are likely to move on to a new territory in life or career.
If you got rid of the chase of crocodile in the dream, it means you will be free from a grave danger.
If a crocodile were approaching you in the dream, it implies you will spend a lot of money for the treatment of loved ones, or may be set up by the villain and suffered losses in business.
Dreaming about a crocodile chasing a friend indicates that he/she is weak and you cannot depend on completely.
If a crocodile preyed on an animal in your dream, it reminds you the possible attack from a competitor.
The dream about a caged crocodile is a sign of tremendous benefits in the marketplace.
If you stepped on the back of a crocodile in the dream, it means you may be in deep trouble and find it hard to get out. When you have such a dream, please be careful and do not trust anyone readily, including your friends.

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l dreamt about fishing in a dam and l threw a bait in the dam and caught a fish as l was pulling the fish l so a big crodile biting my leg and l took an axe started cutting its head below the teeth that it could not eat and my sister carried it back into the dam and l head people talking that the crocodile it going to die because it does not have teeth to bite anymore and it will die in the water. what does it mean

dreamt crocodile in my house (0 Reply ) Asked by P***

I dreamt a crocodile was in my house and was aggressive towards me. I controlled him by pushing my hand down on his snout so couldn’t open his mouth and bite me. Like a pet, I let him outside to toilet, where he caught a turtle and tried to eat it. The turtle escaped its shell and ran away. The crocodile then stood up on 2 legs and looked more human like and almost 18ft tall. He left complaining he couldn’t bite me!

Baby crocodile dream (0 Reply ) Asked by N***k

In my dream my friend has a pet baby crocodile, and for some reason I try to eat a bit of the crocodile with a butter knife (don’t ask me why!!) this angers the crocodile and makes it chase me (understandably!) my friend had to get hold of it to stop it. What does this mean? It doesn’t succeed in biting me but has a very good try!

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the crocodile is so tame by me, and like a pet for me... i pet her/him, her/him like it... even got bringing it to my house and got inside but then hes/shes wanted to eat and i have chicken i gave him/her and done but he/she doens't bite me.

Catching 2 Giant fishes and a big crocodile using fish hook or fishing rod (1 Reply ) Asked by F***o

I dream that i am fishing a flowing stream. I set up a bait in my fishing rod then I threw my first attempt and catch with a giant fish that was very to pull it up.. but still i caught it. In the second attempt of fishing another giant fish i caught and still to manage to get that giant fish though it was heavy. I set up another bait, on third attempt, another heavy catch and was struggling getting pull it out from the water that catch because it was strong and keep on fighting, after i manage to pull it out from the water, my suprise! A bog crocodile ate my bait! And then i run holding my fishing rod dragging the crocodile.