Dream about Horse Meanings

Horse is a symbol of the wild power of nature tamed by human. In the interpretation of dreams, horse symbolizes the good luck and something pleasant caused by external factors. Also, it suggests the strong sexual desire, especially if you rode a horse in the dream.
If you see a horse in the dream, it means everything will go well and you won't have big troubles.
The dream of many horses suggests making a fortune.
Dreaming about galloping horses or a drove of horses running suggest you are actively looking for a solution to a problem, which will be solved and you will see the dawn of life.
Dreaming about a pony suggests good news; if the pony was with a mare, it is even more auspicious.
Dreaming about riding a horse suggests you will gain both fame and wealth or solve a problem. When it comes to sex, the dream suggests a strong sexual urge and desire. If you are a man, the dream of riding a horse with your girlfriend suggests you will get married soon. If you are a girl, the dream of riding a horse with your boyfriend suggests your love might be thwarted by your parents. If you are a married woman, it suggests you will enjoy family peace and good sexual life. If you are a divorced woman, the dream of riding a horse with a man suggests you will meet your Mr. Right and get married. If you are a patient, the dream of riding a horse suggests you will pull through.
Dreaming about riding a horse backward suggests something bad.
If you rode a horse and it suddenly jumped in the dream, it suggests you can hardly realize your ideal.
Dreaming about falling down from a horse suggests you will be frustrated in workplace or officialdom, and pay for your mistakes, even get demoted or discredited.
If a horse kicked you in the dream, it reminds you not to be arrogant and suggests you might be refused by the one you love or you will get into trouble because of the deteriorated health.
If you were bitten by a horse in the dream, it reveals that you will get promoted or an official position.
If you were followed by a horse in the dream, it means you will win honor, such as an honorary title.
Dreaming about buying or selling a horse suggests you might be deceived by someone you trust.
If you watered a horse in the dream, it suggests you have to start from a low position and steel yourself.
If you fed or brushed a horse in the dream, it suggests you will get a good chance, especially good for speculative business, and you should seize the opportunity.
Dreaming about shoeing a horse suggests you will strive for wealth in a doubtful way.
Dreaming about hitting a horse suggests you will have a problem at work and might be fired.
Dreaming about horse racing with a lot of people suggests your relationship with friends will worsen.
Dreaming about a shitting horse or horse pooping suggests you will be supported by someone behind and have a better relationship with friends.
The dream of a horse in your room is not a good sign as it suggests you may have an affair.  
The dream of a horse-drawn cart suggests you will encounter an obstacle in the pursuit of wealth or love.
The dream of a winged horse is a symbol of the energy in your mental growth or self-improvement and it means your spiritual world is getting rich.
The dream of a horse with trappings suggests you will live a comfortable life.
The dream of an injured horse suggests one of your friend will be in trouble.
The dream of a dead horse suggests all sorts of disappointment.
The dream of a white horse suggests everything is conducive to success and you will meet a like-minded friend or a beautiful woman. If the horse was dirty and thin, it means you will be used and betrayed by a friend or woman.
The dream of a dark horse suggests good luck as well as many troubles and something unhappy; you will cheat someone and have an affair. If you are a woman, the dream suggests you will betray your husband.
The dream of riding a pretty bay horse suggests good luck and satisfied lust. If you are a woman, it reveals your life will get better and you will enjoy material satisfaction.

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