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Dirty airplane

0 Reply Asked by VP | 9/15/2019 9:56:48 AM

Hello it’s a second time this week where I had a dream where I know I’m being told something. I just don’t know what it is. I was with a friend, a young woman my age who was trying to go to her boyfriends house for but she didn’t know his address. I advised not to go see someone she didn’t know well and also didn’t have the correct address for— but she insisted. So to keep her safe, I decided to go with her. Soon we reached where she thought he lived but turned out she really did have the address wrong and he lived on another part of the city. So she wanted to get on this plane to see him. I tried to stop her but she got on it anyway. It was a huge very old metallic gray airplane. Many many poor people were getting on it and then the doors closed with them inside... i wateched from outside... I wanted to stop them as I feared the plane was too old and may crash but they got on it anyway. I no longer see this girl I was trying to help. Next scene is I am on the plane. I really scared now because I don’t want to be on it. It’s was very filthy and smelled bad on the inside. To make matters worse I realize my son is on it... he was all exited and running around. There were several people on it, all very poor. The plane has many rooms all dark and dirty. No place to sit and I was tired. But I had to follow my son .. I did not want him to be lost or sit in a dirty spot...so I kept following him. Then I reached a buff room and found several on my cousins and an uncle... someone whom I’ve not seen in years. I realized they had bought the plane as an investment. Last thing was I peered out of a window near the cockpit( I don’t remember seeing the pilot but I could hear them) i was surprised how sunny it was outside with white clouds outside, I had expected it to be dark. As the plane flew through the city and now flew lower I remained fearful it was going to crash and couldn’t wait to get off. But then I was surprised again that it kept flying without crashing. Please help me understand this. Thank you

Dream explaining

2 Replies Asked by Striker1s | 9/13/2019 5:14:53 AM

I dreamed a sweety kisses in a bad with my ex girlfriend,what it still can be?


4 Replies Asked by VP | 9/12/2019 5:11:45 AM

I dreamed at dawn that a little grey bat had flown in under my blanket. It was snuggling as if trying to hide. My first reaction was fear and I wanted it out. So I shooed it. As it tried to stay I realized it just needed protection. So I mentally decided to let it stay but it kept flapping its wings and I was afraid of getting hurt. So tried to hold it by it’s wings to get it to calm down but then it swat my forearm and lacerated it. It wasn’t bleeding but I could see my flesh and it burned. The bat was calmer but starting to fly away. As o tried to get it to stop I woke up. I’m confused because I felt for certain this meant something but I’m not sure what.

dream of tiger walking thru very slow just looking at everyone in its path

1 Reply Asked by marina | 8/31/2019 3:17:08 PM

tiger was walkig thru just looking at everyone, and there was kids in its path and everyone was yelling to grab their kids then they get the tiger to go into sum kind of truck that ended up to be sumkind of box or cage to lock it in then before i woke up the tiger let out this loudest roar so loud itwas heard all across the waters to where in my dream i was staring in the tigers mouth then i see all types of birds flyacross insky over the waters and i was saying oh no sumthing happen sumthing rong and rite before iwoke up i seen a bunch of tigers gettig up out of nowhefe looking at me straight forward getting ready to come towards me then i woke up


1 Reply Asked by Kantamagrous | 8/26/2019 2:53:42 AM

I dreamt that a friend was taking me to a local river to see a water project he had started. Upon squatting near the riverbank, I felt a force push me to drown, head-first. I managed to pull myself back to safety after half of my face went into the water.


1 Reply Asked by Kantamagrous | 8/26/2019 2:49:25 AM

A dream that I was walking with my daughter then suddenly ended up in an enclosed meshed structure with bees on the ceiling of the structure. We were under threat of being stung and I was more scared for my daughter's allergies since this was going to affect her breathing.

What does it mean to see son falling from very high up

1 Reply Asked by Bibi Tilapa | 8/23/2019 6:59:46 AM

A little boy told me to break the tiny pirate skull i held in my hand. I smashed against the concrete wall and saw it fall and as I looked down my son fell several stories and i went him. He was crying but he was ok.

What does it mean

1 Reply Asked by Sum | 8/14/2019 12:52:47 PM

Dreamt my boyfriend was leaving me and in real life im kinda pissed at him but im thinking too much maybe thats what i had that dream. I also dreamt i had a pregnant fren with me in the car and I was driving and i had out of control car and had hit the front but we both was okay and in real life she already gave birth to a baby. I wonder what that means.

Dreamed my late father painted toilet pedestal from white to blue, then to green

1 Reply Asked by Chow Siew Cheong | 8/6/2019 10:14:29 AM

Dreamed my late father painted toilet pedestal from white to blue,then to green.

Dream about playing football

1 Reply Asked by K'Odero | 7/28/2019 7:41:54 AM

I always dream several times that I am playing football, but I don't score easily. Even when I am very close to the goal, it takes too long to score and my legs start dragging. What doe this mean?

Dream about being naked while flying

1 Reply Asked by K'Odero | 7/28/2019 7:39:45 AM

I dreamt about meeting an enemy then I walked away from him, only to realize my pants had fallen off. When I picked it up, I started flying away from the enemy and landed elsewhere far from his view. Please help interprete

What is a dream about having food but not eating it?

2 Replies Asked by K'Odero | 7/24/2019 11:46:30 AM

I often dream about starting a meal but taking too long to start eating, or the food is taken away or the eating gets interrupted by a premature ending of the dream. Please help interpret. Thanks

What is dream about my friend risking to walk in the rain and drown immediately?

1 Reply Asked by K'Odero | 7/24/2019 11:40:14 AM

I dreamt about sitting in a room with my friends, then one of them insisted on leaving for home by running through the rain. She slipped and drowned then the flood water instantly started flowing away forcefully. She struggled to swim away but was overpowered. Instead of sinking, something came and snatched her and turned her into white smoke

What does a dream about running late and being locked out of a room mean?

1 Reply Asked by K'Odero | 7/24/2019 11:35:35 AM

I dreamt about running late into a movie theatre and was locked out of the main door. The watchman told me to go round the back door then again got locked out. My friend tried to complain and protest about this situation but was rudely answered by the watchman

What is this dream about weak body and not getting up?

1 Reply Asked by K'Odero | 7/24/2019 11:32:23 AM

I have dreamt severally about staying down on the ground and feeling too weak to rise up. Sometimes I try to run but am moving too slowly and not able to hold my head up. Kindly help interpret this dream for me

Picking garlic

1 Reply Asked by Sum | 7/23/2019 1:58:51 PM

Dreamt i was picking garlic from the ground. There were alot of garlic in the ground. I wonder what that means


1 Reply Asked by Queenie | 7/22/2019 4:14:35 PM

I dreamt about going home from school. It was raining, so I held up an umbrella. I was naked back then and I thought I should have worn my skirt, so it was at least feeling sexy.

Im pregnant and I been having several dreams that involves two babies

1 Reply Asked by Julia | 7/7/2019 6:17:50 PM

My most recent dream involves me bathing two babies and both were sliding off my hands down the water but I was able to catch them back, also within the dream I found out about a close coworkers (female) death which made me cry a lot. It’s not the first time I dream about two babies during my pregnancy (I’m not having twins) and I haven’t been the only person to dream about me having two babies.

Dream of white tiger

1 Reply Asked by Anusha Timalsina | 7/6/2019 4:13:42 PM

I saw this dream where o was looking for my younger brother. He was playing with bunch of kids; all kids were playing in dangerous place. If the get into a tunnel and follow a path, they will reach a big white snowy mountain on top of hill. And there is a big cave in the shape of a big white tiger. Also the tiger living inside is giant and white. I found my brother and was about to leave, as i thought my task is done. Then other two little kids went inside nit listening to anyone towards the tiger’s cave. I was about to leave thinking its nine of my business, but i couldn’t. I felt incomplete . I felt, i have to go there and help them and that is my purpose. Till I thought that kids were already on their way. I jumped inside the tunnel and ran behind them to call them and say not to call the tiger, or else it will kill you. I was running behind but by the time i reach there they knocked the tigers cave already. This was huge cave, with sclupture of white tiger. Until the tiger open the door, I quickly explained them that they have yo understand and get out of there with me. They agreed.and I hide them other part of door that leaded inside the cave. The tiger opened the door, and couldnt see us. Then he closed the door, bu that time the kids were turned into mice, with magical voice that was guiding me since the beginning the voice coming from somewhere ttop. They turned ito mice so that they could run fast. We all run togethr, back to home but the tiger found the smell of mice and now started chasing us. However, we could come out of tunnel which was our world, and inside the tunnel was the territory of white tiger. But, the tiger came out into our world. This made me and my one friend freak out so we started running towards my house. All these was non stop. Then again the voice said, if the tiger comes out his territory chasing you he wot be as strong adn he cant harm you if you run 50 miles away. However the diastance to my house was just 45 miles. 5 miles less to make this tiger weaker. But as soon as the tiger entered our house he turned into black cat with red eyes. He was still trying to eat us. All we need to do was give him some meat, and he would turn into a less strong animal and go back to his place. Here my friend denied to give him this beautiful oiece if meat as she had ti fulfil order of a client. I asked her but she refused, knowing we both could die. I thought she is very selfish ,greedy and stupid as she can risk her life for piece of meat to client and money. We both were in the ceiling jumping from one wall to another, the cat was also coming up as it could climb the wall. The room was actually full of meat in ceiling as it was my friends shop. I threw a big piece of rare and red meat , it fell down into a bowl of water and the cat started eating it very dangerously. Soon the black cat ( white tiger converted in black cat with red eyes, as it was loosing power in our territory, but still could kill us if change itself into cat) turned into a normal grey cat now. After finishing eating meat it looked me back deep in my eyes and left and went back ti its own territory. Under the tunnel, the white tigers territory. But i didnt see the normal cat changing into white tiger again. After itvwas all over, I could save many lives. I realised i fight my insecurities and defeated the situation and did what i was afraid to do, coz i thought i was meant to do or born to do aomething extra ordinary.

I have recurring dream of my late husband and also dreams of the royal family me

3 Replies Asked by Aurora C. Pablo | 7/4/2019 4:04:28 PM

My request for a dream interpretation has not been acknowledged yet, May I ask WHY ?

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