2024 Chinese Horoscope For Rat

rat Horoscope
Lucky Number: 1, 6
Lucky Color: Golden
People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Rat will be in harmony with Tai Sui in 2024, and there will be a lot of surprises around them this year. The Rats are very progressive and hardworking. Once they get good luck, they will be able to give full play to their own strengths and abilities, achieve more brilliant performance than others, and earn a lot of money.

2024 Horoscope for Rat

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rat Horoscope

Ranking first in Chinese zodiac signs, Rat corresponds to Zi (子) earthly branch and belongs to Water (水) in five elements. As early as thousands of years ago, the primitive worship to the so called "Five Earth Celestial Beings", namely fox, weasel, hedgehog, rat and snake had been popular in folk China, showing the fear to these animals. This is because ancient Chinese people thought these animals had the extraordinary spirituality and they represented the will of heaven, ghost and god.

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Lifelong Fate
You Rat people are very clever, adaptable, innovative, and ambitious and love to gain; you tend to be accomplished, have accumulated wealth and always live a happy life. Males are smart and resourceful while females are clever and behaved. You will meet many benefactors throughout the life. In youth, you are intelligent and keen; in middle age, everything will go well and make you satisfied; in later age, you tend to live an established and prosperous life.

Lifelong Luck in Money Making
Generally, you will have good luck for wealth and you are very hardworking, thus seldom lack of money and suitable to invest and start a business. However, you may easily be cheated because you are too softhearted. In a joint venture with others, you will get good returns as long as you choose the right project and maintain your rights.
Performance in Wealth
1. Once you set a goal of making money, you will make every effort and never give up until reach the goal.
2. With an average ability of money management and a poor financial management concept, you may often waste when you are young but turn better after getting married.
3. As long as you run your business carefully in daily life, you can also accumulate wealth from the minor gains.
4. You'd better not run business with friends or invest in the company of relatives and friends because too many money entanglements not only hurt the relationship, but also bring you deficit.
5. You should not be too speculative, or you will try to save a little but lose a lot.
How to Improve Wealth?
Lucky Direction for Work Income: Southeast
Lucky Direction for Windfalls: South
You should wear or place an Ox, Monkey or Dragon zodiac mascot on your table and often touch the lucky item you wear to improve your luck in wealth. Never choose a Horse and Sheep item. Where possible, you may try to look for the chances of making a fortune in Southeast or South direction.

Lifelong Fortune in Career
You can always play to the score no matter what you do. Also, you have the ability to overcome difficulties, keen intuition and close attention to market, so your career will be thriving.
Performance in Career
1. With a thirst for knowledge and a spirit of reform and innovation, you are suitable to start your own business.
2. Being indomitable and with a tenacious survival ability, you always struggle for career in silence and will never give up until you reach the goal.
3. The adaptable feature makes you face danger fearlessly. What's more, you have the keen intuition, thus can prosper in business.
4. You are neither fond of showing yourself nor aggressive and do not have the majesty and courage required by leadership.
How to Improve Career Fortune?
If you want to be successful in career, you may communicate and get along more with people under Ox, Monkey and Dragon sign to be helped by the benefactor for the steady rise of your career. The Wenchang Star (the God of Literature) blessing you is in the north and you may place a suitable Feng Shui furnishing article in this direction to make everything go well and get promoted to a higher position.
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Lifelong Fortune in Love
You are very emotional, tolerant and kind and will give precedence to your lover even if he/she is slightly temperamental as you don't haggle over every ounce. These advantages make you very likeable in getting along with the opposite sex but you may get a reputation for shame because of your desire, so you should restrain yourself.
Performance in Love
1. You have extremely good luck with the opposite sex but will be prone to an affair.
2. You male Rats are almost perfect in family and you can sacrifice yourself to be a good husband and father.
3. You female Rats are capricious and daydreaming and tend to pursue the illusory love; you should remember that freedom and equality are required in getting along with your lover.
How to Enjoy Happy Marriage?
In Chinese Zodiac, the Rat and Ox are in one of the six compatible groups (Liu He 六合), so a life partner under the Ox sign for you will be the best match. Besides, Rat, Dragon and Monkey are in one of the four compatible groups (San He 三合), so it’s also a favorable match if you could find a life partner under Monkey or Dragon sign. However, the Rat is conflicting with Horse and mutually harming Sheep, therefore a partner under such a sign will have many quarrels and problems with you which make you hardly insist on to the last in marriage or love. The lucky direction for your love is west. You’d better place a suitable Feng Shui item in this direction to improve your luck with the opposite sex.

Born to be very adaptable, you are vigorous and full of physical strength and have quite good luck for health. You seldom get sick but can hardly get up once you fall ill. Therefore, never ignore the indisposition but take the health check regularly and strengthen the organic immunity to resist disease. Since Rat belongs to water in five elements while water symbolizes the kidney, you should pay special attention to kidney diseases. You females should pay special attention to gynecological diseases while males should beware of urinary system diseases.

Taboos in Daily Life
1. Never wear the horse shaped jewelry.
2. Avoid staying with people under horse or sheep sign.
3. Do not place your bed in the south direction of your house.
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