Rabbit Dream Meanings

Rabbit, hopping at an amazing speed, has the meaning of liar in dreams. Besides, the rabbit with excessive energy and great fertility sometimes suggests the desire to give birth.

Dreaming about an alive and hopping rabbit implies you will have good luck or wish to give birth.

Dreaming about a white rabbit suggests you may meet an old friend.
Dreaming about a black rabbit suggests one of your bosom friends may pass away and you need to be mentally prepared.
Dreaming about holding a rabbit in your arms indicates you will get richer and richer.
If you are a woman dreaming about holding a rabbit in your arms or catching a rabbit on the road, it suggests you may help your husband to make a lot of money by cheating.
Dreaming about holding a white rabbit in your arms or catching a white rabbit suggests you will be visited by a guest or meet your lifelong love.
If a rabbit gave birth to bunnies in your dream, it implies your career will be prosperous, and you may expect a windfall.
If a rabbit in your dream had long ears and ran very fast, it means you are highly alert to the dangers in life and sometimes have to protect yourself by way of deception.
Dreaming about a rabbit coming to you is a sign of deception and it reminds you to be careful of fraud to avoid financial loss.
Dreaming about being bitten by a rabbit is a propitious sign which indicates you will get famous and make a difference.
Dreaming about raising a rabbit reminds you to speak and act cautiously and beware of the trap designed by the opponent.
Dreaming about a rabbit struggling to escape shows your inner desire of getting out of a group or organization but fail to do it.
If a rabbit was chased after by another animal in your dream, it suggests that your work or life is not as stable as it looks like. For example, you want to give up the current job or your employee and lover may want to leave. 
Dreaming about capturing a rabbit indicates something good.
Dreaming about chasing and beating a rabbit with a stone or stick is a good sign, which means you will convince colleagues or clients and promote the current project to move forward.
Dreaming about shooting a rabbit suggests you may lose economic sources.
Dreaming about a dead rabbit implies something bad and reminds you to take it easy.
Dreaming about the horrible scenes, such as performing an experiment on rabbit, is good for doctors or lab workers but reminds others to avoid driving a car in the near future. 
Dreaming about a rabbit running on a meadow suggests you will have good luck with the opposite sex and may start a romance in a snack bar or bookstore. 
Dreaming about a rabbit in the sky implies you will have a successful official career and enjoy wealth and rank.
If a rabbit transformed into a lion or other beast in your dream, it suggest you will meet a like-minded person who will promote the smooth realization of your goal.

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