Being Naked Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you have a naked dream?

Finding yourself naked is a classic dream. Dreaming about being naked has many meanings. Generally, it is a symbol of rebirth or the natural and pure nature. Besides, dreaming about full exposure is also closely related to fame, situation and the outside world.
According to the western psychoanalysis viewpoint, dreaming about being naked sometimes expresses a kind of potential exhibitionism tendency and the inner repressed desire. It believes that both men and women dreaming about the naked woman may suggest the sexual desire. While dreaming about the naked man, in addition to the exhibitionism, it also shows the heterosexual or homosexual desire. Dreaming about a perfect nudity like a sculpture suggests the longing for love.

In fact, while dreaming about full exposure, the mood in the dream is closely related to the meaning of being naked. If you are relaxed and happy, it suggests that you are magnanimous and wish to get rid of all kinds of veils to show the public the truest side of you. If you are in bad mood and feel very embarrassed and painful, it suggests that you have a lot of pressure and you may get into trouble, poverty or humiliation or bear the secular pressure. If you feel it doesn't matter, the dream shows that you don't care about others' opinion but you want to show your real ideas in the inner heart.

● Dreaming about yourself naked in public and being confident and happy indicates that you want to be honest with others but you worry about being misunderstood.

● Dreaming about yourself walking in the street in full exposure and feeling under pressure indicates that you may suffer a serious loss, such as losing money or reputation.

● Dreaming about yourself walking naked in the crowd but people seemingly turning a blind eye to you indicates that you don't care about others' opinion and you want to show your true personality subconsciously but you are afraid of being not accepted, thus always hold back in real life.

● Dreaming about yourself streaking alone indicates that you desire to fully relieve your pent-up feelings.

● Dreaming about yourself naked like a baby and feeling relaxed and happy may indicate that you miss the past innocence in your heart.

● Dreaming about your friends naked and you feeling relaxed and natural indicates that you are willing to accept what they are in the heart or maybe you wish them to be more honest because they are a little bumbling in life.

● Dreaming about someone you know naked but you feeling disgusted or angry may suggest that you are angry about his/her real intention subconsciously.

A woman dreaming about herself naked suggests that she will suffer an enormous loss and have nothing at all, and will be humiliated.

A woman dreaming about her husband naked suggests that she will quarrel with her husband.

● Dreaming about the naked man suggest the inner anxiety and sadness.

A man dreaming about a naked woman he doesn't know indicates he will make a fortune and enjoy great wealth.

● Dreaming about your wife or girlfriend naked indicates that your relationship is getting poor.

● Dreaming about accidentally seeing a naked opposite sex indicates that you will be in an awkward position in terms of money and may live a period of life without enough cash, leading to your awkward social life.

A patient dreaming about being naked reminds that he/she has to beware of deterioration.

● If you are a businessman, dreaming about being naked suggests that your business will be very successful and you will make a lot of wealth and income.

● If you find yourself talking with a naked person in your dream, it reminds you your health condition is declining. You should pay great attention to your health and guarantee enough rest to avoid getting ill.

● Dreaming about being bared of your clothes by others in the dream indicates you may suffer economic crisis.

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