Chinese Zodiac 'Fan Tai Sui' in 2019 with Remedies

Which Chinese Zodiac 'Fan Tai Sui' in Year 2019?

According to the Chinese astrology, if a person’s zodiac sign happens to clash with Tai Sui (太岁, the Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year) in a particular year, it will bring misfortunes and bad luck. 2019 is the Pig Year of Ji Hai, in which both the Heavenly Stem Ji and the Earthly Branch Hai belong to earth in five elements. In year 2019, people who are born in the year of the Pig, Tiger, Monkey and snake Fan Tai Sui (clash with Tai Sui who is the legendary God in charge of people's fortune). 

Zodiac Fan Tai Sui in 2019

Pig - Same Zodiac Year Conflict(值太岁, Ben Ming Nian (本命年)

In 2019, people under the Pig sign are in Ben Ming Nian (animal year) and conflicting Tai Sui. As the Chinese saying goes, people conflicting Tai Sui will suffer from misfortunes if there is no happy event. Pig people will have bad luck, poor health and unprecedented pressure in this year. Since the earthly branch Hai (亥) of Pig tortures that of Tai Sui, Pig people will feel powerless as the same time. In Ben Ming Nian, Pigs shall be quite prudent, come down to earth, do their own things well and keep away from the work or industry unfamiliar with. 
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Monkey - Harm Tai Sui (害太岁)

Since the earthly branch Shen (申) of Monkey harms that of Tai Sui, Monkey people will harm Tai Sui in 2019, which means they will be on bad terms with people around and easily misunderstood or framed up. Therefore, Monkeys should be careful in money matters and pay attention to interpersonal communication or diet. 
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Tiger - Destruction of Tai Sui (破太岁)

During 2019, Tiger people will destruct or damage Tai Sui, which means the loss and damage in money, love and interpersonal relationship. As a result, Tigers should avoid quarreling with others, especially Dragon people. In the year of damaging Tai Sui, Tiger people may suffer financial losses and should be careful about money matters, diet and health.
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Snake - Conflict with Tai Sui (冲太岁)

Snake people will conflict with Tai Sui, experience ups and downs in life and find things go against them. In the year of conflict with Tai Sui, Snakes will feel their work of little value and no sense of security. They should properly handle interpersonal relationship with superiors, subordinates and other departments.
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What is Fan Tai Sui?

Generally, the year of Fan Tai Sui (clash Tai Sui) means setbacks, such as unstable luck for career and wealth, obstacles or troubles in marriage, health issues, and even disasters. If you clash Tai Sui, you should be extremely careful in the year, during which you will be prone to disputes and conflicts, and cast down by setbacks. You businessmen will suffer financial losses, spend more and get fewer returns in a year of clash Tai Sui. In the meantime, you will quarrel more with your partner and encounter a third party in marriage. When it comes to health, you may easily have a headache or poor spirit. In addition, you will be easily framed up and betrayed, and suffer financial losses or complaints in cooperation or under misguidance, thus should be extremely prudent.


1. In folk China, the saying goes that a happy event can counteract three disasters. It is a simple and practical approach to weaken the bad luck brought by Tai Sui with happy events. You can choose to get married, start a business, have a baby or hold a birthday party to change the poor luck and bad situation caused by clash Tai Sui.

2. You may attend the joyous celebrations, such as wedding, to tub the positive energies and get rid of the depression caused by clash Tai Sui. Try to avoid visiting a patient in the hospital (excluding close relative) or attending a funeral, because the places are full of evil spirits which will intensify your pessimistic mood.
3. At the same time, you people clash Tai Sui should pay attention to personal health and safety and avoid dangerous activities. If you cannot avoid, be sure to prepare for safety and warm up. Pay special attention to safety while driving. 
4. Since water is the source of wealth, you should take bath to improve your luck, relieve fatigue and keep an active state before doing anything important in the year.

5. In 2019, Tai Sui is located at northwest, so the direction of conflict with Tai Sui (the direction of Year Breaker) is southeast. You'd better not decorate your house or shop or break ground, especially in the two directions mentioned above. Keep the two directions clean and tidy throughout the whole year. Do not place your bed head or office table at the two directions, or you will be in poor sleep, ill at ease and in low efficiency.

6. Pi Xiu (also Pi Yao or Bixie, 貔貅 in Chinese) is a mythical wild animal which can drive away the evil spirits. You can wear an accessory of Pi Xiu to resolve the adverse effect in the year of clashing Tai Sui.
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7. Ask help from your benefactor. Every animal sign has a benefactor under the corresponding sign, and you may wear an accessory of the sign to resolve the adverse effect. Find your group, the animal sign in your group wil be your compatible signs:

Four Compatible Groups (San He 三合)
1. Rat, Dragon, Monkey  2. Ox, Snake, Rooster  3. Tiger, Horse, Dog  4. Rabbit, Sheep, Pig
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Six Compatible Groups (Liu He 六合)
1. Rat and Ox   2. Tiger and Pig   3. Rabbit and Dog   4. Dragon and Rooster  5. Snake and Monkey  6. Horse and Sheep
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8. Do good deeds, be filial to elders, act prudently and behave calmly to improve your luck in the year of clash Tai Sui. For example, charity work, blood and property donation are ways to resolve the adverse effect of clash Tai Sui. Once you are filial to elders, act prudently and behave calmly, you will create a harmonious environment in daily life and avoid great ups and downs. 

9. If possible, you may visit a temple and worship Tai Sui at the beginning of the year. To be specific, you can worship and pray on the eighth day of the first lunar month and wear an amulet to prevent any bad luck. Also, these methods can improve your luck under the blessing of Tai Sui.

10. Another good solution is to worship the statue of Tai Sui. Make sure to place the statue according to your birth year and animal sign. Otherwise, the wrong direction will harm the Feng Shui of your house rather than resolve the adverse effect of Tai Sui. 
11. At the beginning of the year of clash Tai Sui, you'd better keep away from Tai Sui in a certain time of a particular day. Generally, you should keep away from Tai Sui at the turn of two lunar years on the day of Lichun (the Beginning of Spring). In 2019, Lichun falls at 11:14:14 AM on February 4, 2019. From 11:14 AM to 12:14 AM, you'd better stay in your room to keep away from others and wait for the turn of two Tai Suis quietly.

Zodiac 'Fan Tai Sui' in Recent Five Years

Year Same Zodiac Year Conflict(值太岁) Conflict with Tai Sui (冲太岁) Harm Tai Sui (害太岁) Punishment of Tai Sui (刑太岁) Destruction of Tai Sui (破太岁)
2019 (Year of the Pig) Pig Snake Monkey   Tiger
2020 (Year of the Rat) Rat Horse Sheep Rabbit Rooster
2021 (Year of the Ox) Ox Sheep Dragon Dog Horse
2022 (Year of the Tiger) Tiger Monkey Pig Snake  
2023 (Year of the Rabbit) Rabbit Rooster Horse Rat Dragon

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