Dream about Butterfly Meanings

Butterfly, beautiful and fragile, presents people's spiritual life and mind. In ancient Greek, the word 'mind' means 'butterfly' and 'soul'. Since a butterfly has to break out of the cocoon, it also has the meaning of rebirth in the interpretation of dreams. In addition, butterfly in dreams is also related to status and love.
The dream about a butterfly dancing in a garden predicts you will live in comfort and luxury or have something joyful. For example, meet your Mr. or Miss Right by chance during a stroll, and fall in love at first sight. The dream about flying butterflies implies a happy event to your family and you will enjoy happy days with your family. If you are an expectant mother, the dream of one or more flying butterflies suggests you will have a baby girl.
The dream about a butterfly falling on you suggests you will get promoted. If the butterfly fell to your head or hat in the dream, you may get promoted greatly or make plentiful money, becoming a millionaire. If the butterfly fell to your shoulder or skirt, it is a bad omen that you will be pestered or heckled by someone.
If you dreamed that you became a butterfly dancing in the air, it implies you will enjoy a widespread reputation because of your excellent performance or work.
The dream about a butterfly with broken wings suggests you will fall into the lowest point and become depressed and frustrated. In reality, you may suffer business loss, or fall ill and endure mental torture.

The dream about a butterfly flying to fire predicts you may suffer setbacks or be defeated by a competitor.
The dream about a dead or injured butterfly suggests something ominous to your wife or a conflict with your mistress.
If you are a man, the dream about catching a butterfly means you will marry the woman you love; if you caught the butterfly but it flew away again, it indicates your relationship will go nowhere and the one you love will marry someone else. 
If you fell down while catching a butterfly in the dream, it means you will expend energy and material to realize an absurd idea.
The dream about black butterflies flying to you is a good sign of certain change in life, perhaps a good luck with the opposite sex.

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