Dream Meanings - How to Interpret Your Dreams?

4 Ways to Interpret Your Dreams

The interpretation of dreams can't be like a dictionary which provides objective and standard answers. No matter how comprehensive a book is, it cannot provide the completely correct answers on the interpretation of dreams. In the interpretation of a dream, the environment of having the dream shall be recalled before interpreting the dream. Also, the interpretation is not limited to the dream images and it requires digging the potential content, thus particularly difficult.

Dream Reflects the Reality
As the saying goes, you dream about what you have on your mind during the day. Many people said that they have dreamed about the things happened before or what they had dreamed about happened in the real life. Therefore, the dream reflects the reality and this kind of dream is clear without interpretation.

Dream Is the Hint of the God
The ancients thought that the dream was a hint of the God and it could predict the good or bad luck, also a communication way between the God and the human. Such kind of dreams is difficult to be interpreted by yourself, so you can refer to The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou; if the dream images are different, you can consult a master.

Dream Is the Auto-Suggestion of Life
The TCM in China believes that the dream is closely related with the health of human body: the imbalance of Yin and Yang, the vigorous or declined Qi may cause a dream. Therefore, the health of human organs can be learned according to the different dream images. For example, if you dream about the fire which makes you hot and uncomfortable, it means you have too much Yang and you may suffer from mouth and tongue sore, excited emotion or irritability; if you dream about losing temper, it means you have excessive liver energy and you may easily suffer from liver disease; if you dream about terrible things and feel sad or scared, even cry, it means you have excessive lung energy and dryness, and you may easily suffer from lung disease.

Dream Is Contrary to the Reality
Many people said that the dream was contrary to the reality. This is a way of interpreting the dreams. In Dream Interpreting, this contrary between dream and reality is exactly the natural phenomenon of things always reverse themselves after reaching an extreme. As an important approach of dream interpreting, it is especially suitable for the extremely good or bad dreams. For example, if you dream about others' death, it means you will have good luck; if you dream about your own death, it means you will live a long life; if you dream about making a fortune, it means you will suffer unexpected personal financial loss; if you dream about someone laughing, it means you will encounter a bad thing or disaster.

Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation

Dream is the residual activity of the cerebral cortex, and it can better reflect your psychological change in daily life, even your body health. For example, if you dream about a green snake when you are ill, it represents that your body function declines and your disease will get worse. However, the dream can't reflect your wealth, career or the future of others.

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