Dream Interpretation and Meanings of Crow

Traditionally, the dream about crow is a warning against death, as it symbolizes wisdom or cunning.
If you are a husband, the dream about crow suggests poor luck recently and possible disaster.

If you are a wife, the dream about crow means your kid may fall ill and reminds you to be careful.

If you are an unmarried man, the dream about crow suggests you may feel heartbroken for the breakup with your sweetheart.

If you are an unmarried woman, the dream about crow suggests you may marry a sickly man.

If you are a businessman, the dream about crow means you may suffer successive failures and losses, and even go bankrupt.

Dreaming about catching a raven means you can defeat your opponent.

Dreaming about beating a crow suggests you will get a steady stream of good news and get rid of bad luck.

Dreaming about a dead crow means your bad days are over and good days are coming.

Dreaming about a black crow is an omen of misfortune and suggests you can be easily affect by others and may suffer unexpected personal financial losses, so you'd better go out less recently.

Dreaming about flying crows suggests you have to face opponents from all sides. If a crow flew over your head or settled on your shoulder or body in the dream, it is ominous and reminds you to take good care of yourself as you may suffer from a serious illness, even become critically ill.

Dreaming about a crow flying in circles is a sign of trouble in interpersonal relationship. You may be somewhat too proud to please your friends and they want to leave you. Try to be humble if you want to have better luck.

The dream about cawing suggests poor luck recently. People around think you are keeping a distance and your excessive suspicion will drive them away. So, this is a bad omen. Or, you will be influenced by someone else and misallocate your property. If you are a young man, the dream suggests you will be trapped by an ill-intentioned woman.

The dream about a crow on tree is inauspicious as it suggests you may suffer from hunger and poverty for a period of time.

The dream about a crow at your home is auspicious. It means you will be rewarded after all sufferings and enjoy success, longevity and peace.

If a crow settled on your head in the dream, it reminds you to stay fit as you might be completely bedridden.

The dream about a crow pecking the excrement reminds you to learn a lesson from poverty and get rid of the bad habits.

The dream about a crow landed on your court with something in its mouth suggests a disaster may befall you.

If you are a traveller, the dream about crows on the road suggests you may encounter a car accident.

The dream about crow feather is a bad sign and it suggests bad luck. Your friends may leave you due to the sense of distance and your excessive suspicion.

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