Dream about Lion Meanings

The pride and might of lion remind people of father's dignity and other respected traits. Usually, the dream of a lion shows your powerful side.
Dreaming of a lion cub indicates a new career or plan. If you can take the chance, you will succeed. For young ladies, the dream suggests a very charming lover. 

For you maidens, the dream of a lion indicates you will marry a powerful and strong man; for you married women, it suggests you will have a healthy boy.
The dream of coming across a lion reminds you to take care of yourself as you might get sick, or suggests the opponent is very mighty and you should be prepared and find a good solution.
The dream of a lion roaring and running to you suggests that you wanted to seek more power but failed.
The dream of fighting a lion predicts a challenge or opportunity in your career and great development.
If you dreamed that you overpowered a lion, it means you will succeed in anything. On the contrary, it means you will have no power to resist but be attacked helplessly. 
If you were bitten by a lion in the dream, it suggests you will overcome difficulties or won't be defeated though the opponent is formidable.
If you rode a lion in the dream, it shows your courage and perseverance to overcome difficulties and means you will get rich and famous.
If you hunted or tamed a lion in the dream, it means you will defeat the opponent.
The dream of a roaring lion suggests the opponent is powerful and of high position. As for love relationship, it implies all the problems will be solved, your relationship will be improved, and you will lead a happy life. For you women, the dream suggests you will be capable of housekeeping and even take control of your husband's authority. For you men, the dream suggests the unexpected development or staying with the woman you love. Besides, the dream implies the rise of superior shares due to the buying of foreigners.
If a lion hunted other animals in your dream, it suggests that you might have thought of your father's despotism in recent life. If the lion attacked an elephant in your dream, it means the enemies will clash with and hurt each other, and you will be the real beneficiary.
If the lion devoured men in your dream, it suggests a certain shortcoming of your character, or you and someone should beware of the possible danger.
If the lion attacked your friend, it predicts you will have bad luck, or a certain project will make you down the drain and you should invest prudently.
If the lion sat quietly in your dream, it implies that, giving consideration to your status and position, the mighty opponent won't attack rashly but once he attacks, you will suffer deadly loss. 
If the lion lay together with the lamb in your dream, it means the contradiction will be reconciled.
If the lion was in a cage, it means your success will depend on your attitude to your opponents.
If the lion walked on the grassland in your dream, it implies the problems in interpersonal relationship because you are self-opinionated and often talk back, so you'd better control yourself and coordinate with others.
The dream of lion's skin suggests wealth and happiness will improve your living quality.

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