Snake Dreams Meaning and Interpretation

What does snake mean in a dream?

Snake is one of the animals often appear in our dreams. It is popular in the folk that dreaming about the snake is a symbol of wealth. In the psychological analysis of dreams, however, the snake doesn't mean wealth but has multiple meanings like sex, wisdom and intuition.
First of all, the snake in our dreams is symbolic. In women's dreams, the snake is a symbol of penis while the viper symbolizes sexual assault. The attitude to the snake in the dream, such as love, hate and fear, often indicates the dreamer's attitude towards sex. The common dreams include being chased, wrapped or bitten by a snake. Running away or running after is a symbol of the dreamer's fear of sex; being wrapped by a snake is a symbol of making love between a man and a woman; if a woman often dreams about being bitten by a snake, she may have been worried about being sexually assaulted.

Sometimes, the snake in the dream is a symbol of wisdom. In the myths and folklores of many countries, the snake represents the wise and the gods. So, if the snake in the dream has the myth color, it often represents wisdom.

Sometimes, the snake in the dream symbolizes intuition which is one of the four psychological functions and tells you how to do. The snake is a nimble animal similar to our intuitive response.

Sometimes, the snake in the dream also symbolizes temptation. For example, in catching a frog, the snake would keep its body unmoved and stare at the frog; after the frog letting down the guard, the snake would suddenly attack the frog. Likewise, if the similar scene appears in your dream, such as being stared by a snake, it may suggest that you will meet someone who is very attractive.

In addition, the snake also represents evil, cunning, cold-bloodedness and deception, which is same with its image in many myths and folklores. In the Bible, it is the snake that tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

In terms of physiology, the snake also represents the spine and the wounded snake may indicate the spine lesion.

Bitten by a Snake
Dreaming about being bitten by a snake indicates that you are not afraid of danger and you will have good luck and fortune, and live a happy life.

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake in the water indicates that the bitten part may have potential disease.

Dreaming about someone else being bitten by a snake indicates that you should take care of your parents and come back home often besides your busy work.

Dreaming about the finger bitten bleeding by a snake is often a bad sign for the dreamer. If the dreamer is a woman, it indicates that she and her child may get ill and they should pay attention to healthy diet. If the dreamer is businessman, it suggests that he should be good at thinking, think out more business strategies and avoid only caring about the immediate interests in the business process.

Dreaming about the snake biting your wife is an ominous sign which suggests that you may encounter misfortune or sad things.

Dreaming about the snake biting your husband is a good omen which suggests that you will have good luck.

If a pregnant woman dreams about being bitten by a snake, it indicates that she will give birth to a boy; if the snake is big and clumsy, it means that the baby will be very clever.

Dreaming about your child being bitten by a snake indicates that you should pay attention to the family harmony and create a warm and happy family environment for your child.

If the unmarried dreams about being bitten by a snake and killing the snake but it revives, it suggests that the dreamer will find the ideal lover.

Killing a Snake
Dreaming about killing a snake suggests that you have firmly seized every opportunity to increase profits or have kept a watchful eye on other's successful operation, you will feel the happiness of defeating the enemy.

Hugging a Snake
If a married woman dreams about hugging a snake in her arms, it is a good omen which suggests the birth of a blessed boy.

A Little Snake
Dreaming about a little snake suggests that you will entertain some people friendly but they will slander you behind to ruin your brilliant future.

A Coiled snake
Dreaming about a coiled snake indicates that you will have good luck in study.

Snakeskin or a Sloughing Snake
Dreaming about the snakeskin or a sloughing snake reflects your fear of sex and your updated inner ideas.

Touching a Snake
Dreaming about taking or touching a snake suggests that you will use the clever tactic to overcome all of the opposition.

Controlling a snake
Dreaming about your friend controlling a snake suggests that you will hire a very capable person to help you resist the bad influence.

Stepping on a Snake
Dreaming about stepping on or seeing a snake while bathing or crossing the river indicates that the pure happiness you thought is a trouble.

A Pair of Snake
Dreaming about a pair of snakes indicates that you will divide up family property and live apart soon. If a businessman dreams about a pair of snakes, it suggests that he will make a fortune.

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I am in a large open room like a museum or art gallery. The only thing in the room is a large fancy fountain like you see in parks. In the fountain coiled up in the center island is a large black snake. At first I am afraid when I see it but then it looks at me and I feel calm. The snake has brilliant emerald green eyes. I feel like it is trying to tell me something but then I wake up. This is a recurring dream I have. In my personal life there is no pattern I can determine. Sometimes I am having difficulties and a lot of stress, sometimes life seems pretty calm.

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I had a dream last night my mother in law told me she was pregnant and she can't decide if she wants to keep baby or have an abortion. Then I told her that if she keeps the baby my husband and I with out 2 kids will be moving. Then later in dream a snake wanted to bit me but it didnt and it just disipeared as if it was never there.

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