Dream about Chicken Meanings

Dream about Chicken

Chicken in dreams is a symbol of money and fortune.
The dream about a flock of chicken suggests you will get plentiful money and treasures, and your business will be booming.
The dream about fat chicken suggests considerable profits while the thin suggests limited profits.
The dream about white chicken suggests the beginning of new life or hope. A flock of white chicken is even more propitious as it suggests more power.
The dream about black chicken indicates your relationship will be in trouble.
In the Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou, cock crow usually means good news and the dream of cock crow means you will realize the goal thru hard work or you will confront new challenges.
The dream about pecking chicken suggests your deed might be misunderstood.
The dream about fighting chicken suggests something will go wrong and make you upset.
The dream about being chased by chicken suggests you will have good luck and get a windfall.
The dream about being bitten by chicken suggests good news and you will handle interpersonal relationship properly. The dream about being bitten by a rooster shows that, you want to make a profit thru personal ability and skill.
The dream about dead chicken is a symbol of good luck, well-off life and help from others, which means you will have better interpersonal relationship and get along better with your lover.
The dream about flying chicken suggests the end of bad days and something good.
The dream about chicken and ducks is a good sign which means you will make money soon.
If a chicken was attacked by a dog in your dream, it means the possible misfortune.
Dreaming about plucking a chicken indicates someone will ask you for money.
The dream about cockfight suggests the family discord or you will talk or behave at random after drinking and cause trouble.
The dream about chickens also suggests you are cared by many people who will bring you a lot of profits but too much care makes you anxious.
Dreaming about being bitten by chicken reminds you to beware of vile characters around.
Dreaming about killing chicken suggests you may behave selfishly or you will have a trouble in love and want to find a new sweetheart.

Dream about Rooster/Cock

The dream about rooster/cock is a good sign of happy life. For a prisoner, it suggests freedom while for a farmer, it suggests harvest. For a businessman, it suggests prosperous business while for a pregnant woman, it is a sign of baby boy.
The dream about fighting cocks suggests that you will quarrel with many rivals.
The dream about many roosters suggests good luck and happy life.
Dreaming about a rooster laying eggs indicates you will have good luck and recover from the lingering illness.
The dream about a cock crowing in the morning suggests you will enjoy a happy life and solve the problem encountered. The dream about a cock crowing in the evening, however, suggests you will be disappointed and shed tears.

Dream about Hen

The dream about a hen suggests peaceful life and successful career.
In terms of colors of the hen in dream, the back hen indicates bad news and white hen usually signifies good news. 
The dream about a flock of hens suggests plentiful sources of revenue or reunion with family members.
The dream about a hen laying eggs suggests something good.
The dream about a hen hatching chicks suggests your children will grow healthily. If you are sick, such a dream suggests you will recover soon.
The dream about a crowing hen is an ominous sign of misfortune.
The dream about a clucking hen suggests gossips around you.
The dream about pecking hens suggests that you have to quit from something and start over.
The dream about killing a hen suggests you will spend extravagantly and lose all family property.
If your hen was taken away by someone in the dream, it means your home will be broken into by a thief.

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since few days i am having dream of going temple and praying for my love.... Some time Goat & Chicken in Temple and so many pandit doing pooja, And another i was in a taxi and a Stranger guy was so surprise to see me and he wanted to marry me immediately and kissing me openly and exposing me with whoever we meet that he want to marry me and we were going in a temple for praying..... but i was insecure coz he was loved by so many girls. what is that signify for.. Is dream of going in temple good or bad???

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I dream about something weird. In that dream I was in a palace, with a big hall and everybody can fly, including me. I fly arround the palace and I reallize it was in the sky. After that, one woman come approach me, she wear white dress and then she said to me "Let's go, I will take you for a walk to human realm. After that, both of us suddenly arrive in one village, we turn into like normal human. Then I saw a big area in the middle of the village, and I saw a lot of people are doing butchering to the cow, sheep, chicken, pig and it was a lot of blood, then a lot of people come to take the meat. I feel horrible, disgusting and creepy for seeing that things. Then, we go to enter a small street, and it was like a market area. But the weird things is, there is no buyer at all, just 2 of us only (me and the "Guan Yin" that turn into human), and all the store seller is old grandma and old grandpa. When I see arround, all the stuffs they sell is broken stuffs, like rotten fruit, dull clothes, and all broken things, all the grandma and grandpa look so sad. Suddenly, when we passed by, one grandma call me and she said "Young man, please buy my flower". When I see, she selling withered flower, and she continue speaking "Please buy my withered flower" with sad face. Then I search my pocket and look there is silver coin, so I gave it to the grandma, and she say thanks with a sad smile. After that, the woman talk to me, "This is it the human realm, everybody even the old one, still needs money and they cant live without money". Suddenly I see a man that buying a stuff from one grandpa, we see each other without speaking, and I realize he is the same with me that come to that place to help the people. After that, I woke up. Please help about this mysterious dream meaning, thanks.