Bat Dream Meanings and Interpretation

Bat, which only comes out at night, is deemed as an unlucky creature representing disasters. Bat is considered fearsome in the West. As a nocturnal creature, bat symbolizes the subconscious associated with early traumatic experiences. On the other hand, it is a symbol of intuitive wisdom because it can fly in the dark with intuition rather than eyes.
Bat is thought to be blind, stupid, gloomy and evil. Since this creature lives in darkness, the dark and chaotic scene in a dream of bats symbolizes another self hidden deep in your heart, while the bat itself stands for the uncontrollable impulses in your subconscious. Generally speaking, dreams of bats suggest bad luck.
In Chinese language, 'bat' is pronounced same as 'Fu' (blessing), so sometimes the dream about bats symbolizes happiness. However, bats are closely associated with vampires in the West and this legend has been spread to China, so it sometimes also represents vampire.
Do not talk about your private affairs with others if you have dreamed of bats.
The dream of crying bats suggests a miserable and rough life.
The dream of a bat flying to you indicates you might be set up by a villain and should be on guard.
The dream of being bite by a bat indicates that you will be hurt and should not ask for trouble in any case.
Dreaming about being attacked by bats indicates that you a friend you trusted has cheated on you with someone else, making you deceived unconsciously. It reminds you to be careful in making friends, take a hands-on approach as far as possible and do not get greedy.
Dreaming of bats flying into your home means that the current dilemma will end and everything will go well. But this dream also reminds you that, only if you watch out for the villain who may kick you when you are down can you enjoy peace. 
The dream of flocks of bats suggests bad luck and something bad. For example, you may get hurt or encounter successive troubles at work.
The dream of bats above you is a sign of bad luck and poor interpersonal relationship. You might be on bad terms with people around and can barely get help when you are in trouble, making you feel unable to hold on and will fail soon.
The dream of white bats is usually a symbol of death, especially losing a child.
The dream of bats flying into the cave is a good sign which means you will finally go through the difficulties.
The dream of a bat flying down from the sky suggests the blessing of the God. As a result, everything will go well, and you will achieve success, win recognition, suffer no disaster, have virtuous descendants and live a long life.
The dream about a bit eating mosquitoes suggests you are to be congratulated as someone will help you out. 
Killing a bat in dream may refer to the disappointment you would arouse in other people by securing all attention to yourself. You will regret because of these behaviors you did later. 

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