Keep seeing cat in the dreams (3 times in 3 days)


Hi, I keep seeing a cat in my dream 3 days in a row, only 1 cat each time, but 3 days in a row.

Dream 1 - It was a black cat. Don't remember much else about the dream.

Dream 2 - Black cat again. I dreamed I was asleep, woke up and the cat was sat next to me on the bed. As soon as I saw it, it got up and left. Had a feeling that it had some kind of infection I was worried about (worms/fleas etc).

Dream 3 - Another cat, NOT black this time though. I opened my bedroom door slightly, and the cat came straight in. Junmped on my bed, but then jumped off again quickly and escaped through a slightly open window.

Any interpretations appreciated, as 3 days in a row it probably means something. First 2 were black, third one wasn't. Common theme of coming close to me, but then escaping. I don't think I ever touched the cats.


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