Big cat dreams (like tigers, leoards not house cats)


I have had a couple dreams about big cats. I was just wondering if they mean anything in particular that someone can explain to me. I happen to have this big irrational fear of big cats. I've only seen them at the zoo as a kid and online videos, so there's never been a time when I was in a bad situation with one. Anyways I wanted to share these 3 particular dreams I've had.

Dream 1:
I had this dream a few years back and it's the first dream I've had like this. I remember that a leopard was chasing me and it was relentless. I ended up hiding in fetal position inside a closet on the top shelf. The leopard eventually left. Within my people and culture, it's known that anything related to big cats are bad. For example, back then in the days it was believed that tigers were able to transform into human form and would take away young girls from the village as a bride. Anyways I was young when I had this dream and I was kinda freaked out.

These two next dreams were very recent.

Dream 2: In this dream it was a tiger. I was in this big house with two grand stairwells going up to the second floor. There was this big tiger that essentially guarded or lived on the second floor. You could only go up the staircase so far up before the tiger came running down to stop you. I went up the stairs but once the tiger came running down I stopped going up and the tiger did not attack. I essentially found out up to which step I could go without being attacked. I ended up trying again and only went up to the cut off point and this time my cousin was there with me. My cousin ended up going one more step than the tiger liked and was attacked. I remember being incredibly terrified and woke up. I was pretty shook. This cousin of mine, we were close when we were young but now a days I do not talk to her. I do miss her and have been waiting to make up with her.

Dream 3: This is the most recent dream. I was at the park with some of my family. It was just my mother, sister, and brother and I. We're all almost adults so I'm not sure why we were at the kids parks. Anyways we were done with the park and got into our car. I was sitting in the back with my sister. As she was closing the door I spotted a tiger looking at us from the top of a hill. It started to charge at us and I screamed Tiger! My mom sped up and the tiger followed. Unfortunately, we went back to the area where there was still mothers and children playing the tiger changed focus and went to attack them. We kept driving as I was googling the number for animal services. On the road we spotted 2-3 more tigers just running along. Then we noticed there was a baby tiger in the car with us. We ended up going home with the baby and was discussing what to do. My mother wanted to raise the baby tiger but I ended up doing a long spiel and how we have two dogs already and how the baby tiger isn't going to be small and cute forever. And then I woke up.

Okay those were the dreams. I'm not really a religious person or someone who believes in all this type of stuff, but I am curious. If anyone could help me interpret these dreams It would be much appreciated.

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And to add, my fear for any big cat is real. Like nowadays I would never even think to go to a zoo for fear of one of them escaping. There's been videos where sometimes cougars out of curiosity will stroll around homes and I will literally run to my car when I leave my house or I will examine the surrounding before I step out of my house. And I don't live in a city so no woodsy areas around me.

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