The Meaning of Colors in Dream

Some dreams are in black and white but most are colorful. In the interpretation of dreams, different colors have different meanings. What do those colors mean in dreams? Is it a good sign to dream of a specific color?
The dream of black suggests sadness, melancholy, power, ignorance, or evil and disaster. Black is the shadow formed when there is no light. Dreaming of black indicates you will find out something you never know before. Or, it means what you have been hiding deep inside will be discovered by someone around you. Black, a symbol of danger, is often associated with evil. If you dream of walking into a dark room or dream of a man in black, you need to be careful because it indicates someone will undermine your relationship or career, or even bring danger to your life.

The dream of white is often associated with purity, loyalty, and sometimes loneliness and sadness, or health care and illness. White, a symbol of hope, simplicity and peace, suggests all the painful and bad things you've been through will come to an end. The one in white in your dream may take you out of trouble. If you dream that you were trapped in a white room, it means a sense of emptiness and loneliness in your heart, and you are looking forward to a better life. Also, you are getting tired of the plain and insipid relationship. 

The dream of yellow symbolizes vitality, wisdom, consciousness, power and so on. Yellow, a symbol of the sun in color, often brings joy to people around. If you dream of someone in yellow or driving a yellow car, it means he/she may bring you the eternal happiness, or you tend to be hesitant and indecisive when making a decision. When something happens, you will stick to your own stand and no one can convince you no matter how he or she tries.

The dream of green symbolizes vitality, a new start, good luck or good chance, as well as a stable life, booming career and sweet relationship. If you dream of a reach of grassland, it means there will be a change in your life. If you're going through a bad time right now, then it will be over soon. Just cheer up and look forward to a new start! You might as well rearrange your work, and you may get something unexpected. Dark green represents jealousy and a dream of dark green suggests you just can't share something with others in real life.

Blue is a joyous and restful color. Dreaming of blue suggests you can just relax and effortlessly wait for the coming challenges. If the one you love was in blue in your dream, it means your relationship will become cold and strange and you have to spend more time to settle it. When it comes to career, such a dream suggests you will give a lot of chances away because you can't accept any change.

Red implies greatness, ardor, loyalty, festivity, horror, danger and enthusiasm. The dream of red suggests your love and work will get better in all aspects. If you saw a lot of red things around you in the dream, it reminds you to calm down and always master of your passions, and learn to put it aside first. If many people were in red it your dream, it indicates that you will succeed unexpectedly in career.

The dream of pink often relates to love, romance, longing or hazy feelings. For girls and boys, dreaming of pink indicates an exciting journey. For married men and women, such a dream means a good luck in love and reminds you to be cautious about an affair in the near future.

In the interpretation of dreams, purple is a color of mystery, fortune and power as well as physical and mental growth. If you were in purple in the dream, it means a good fortune or good thing will befall you. If someone else was in purple in your dream, it implies that someone around you is going to argue.
The dream of multicolours suggests a feeling of vexation and uneasiness, or a health issue. This kind of dream often happens when you are too tired or unable to sleep soundly.

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