The Meaning of Many Fishes in Dreams

What do many fishes mean in dreams?

The dream about many fishes is usually related to your affection.

The dream about many fishes swimming in the water is an indication of wealth.

If you dream of many fishes near water, it represents a change and it indicates that you are about to enter a new stage of life.

If you dream of catching many fishes by casting net, it indicates that you are going to get rich and earn a lot of money.

If you dream of catching a lot of fishes, many fortunes will find their way to you once you persist to the end. However, if you are just a single, this kind of dream indicates that you will make little progress in your love and you are willing to enjoy free life. If you have a lover, you may feel restricted. So, to maintain an appropriate distance can preserve your love.

If a man dreams of catching a lot of fishes, your recent luck is neither good nor bad. You should be patient and save your strength to go through the period of bad luck.

The unmarried youth’s dream about many fishes is an indication that you may be looking for your partner or pursuing progress.

The merchants’ dream about many fishes indicates that you are looking for opportunities or copartners to maximize the benefits.

For pregnant woman, if you dream of many fishes, it shows that both of the mother and child are healthy and everything in your family will go well. If you dream of catching many fishes, your child is relatively healthy. If you dream of fishing a lot of fishes, you may carry boy-girl twins or multiples. If you dream of fishes swimming in the water, you may have a clever and quick-witted son. If your husband dreams of catching many fishes, you may give birth soon. What’s more, if you get many fishes with a net, it shows that unexpected surprises may happen to you.

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