Personality Traits of Sheep


1. Meticulous, think thoroughly and can notice the trivial details;
2. Cordial and sincere to everyone, even strangers, generous, hospitable, sociable and quite popular;
3. Outwardly yielding but inwardly firm, hate to be constrained, seldom criticize others;
4. Tender, kind, tolerant, compassionate, forgive the faults and understand the difficulties of others easily;
5. Behave gracefully, passionate and talented;
6. Strong thirst for knowledge, hard-working, full of vigor and keep marching forward bravely once determined;
7. Frugal and never waste at will.


1. Sentimental and pessimistic;
2. Can't easily get rid of a misery;
3. Dependent, weak, timid, poor rebellious spirit, prone to the influence of surrounding environment;
4. Emotional, indecisive, poor subjectivity, like to be guided by destiny and go with the stream.

Male and Female Sheep Personality

Male Sheep Personality: Male Sheep are kind-hearted, meek, peace-loving, gentle and benevolent. Also, they are family-oriented, frugal, cordial, nature-loving, and generous both in time and money. Sometimes, they are too pessimistic, shilly-shally and anxious to see the positive side and often submit to the will of Heaven.

Female Sheep Personality: Female Sheep are thoughtful, initiative, sociable, tender, easy-going and sacrificing, and they can deal with everything properly. Also, Sheep women are sentimental, delicate, considerate, filial, enduring and motivated, and they can bear hardships and stand hard work. At the same time, they are subjective, stubborn, mysterious and mostly devout believers in ghosts.

Sheep People's Personality by Five Elements

The Sheep people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Sheep.
Earth Sheep: 1919 (Feb. 1, 1919 - Feb. 19, 1920) and 1979 (Jan. 28, 1979 - Feb. 15, 1980)
Metal Sheep: 1931 (Feb. 17, 1931 - Feb. 5, 1932) and 1991 (Feb. 15, 1991 - Feb. 3, 1992)
Water Sheep: 1943 (Feb. 5, 1943 - Jan. 24, 1944) and 2003 (Feb. 2, 2003 - Jan. 21, 2004)
Wood Sheep: 1955 (Jan. 24, 1955 - Feb. 11, 1956) and 2015 (Feb. 19, 2015 - Feb. 7, 2016)
Fire Sheep: 1967 (Feb. 9, 1967 - Jan. 29, 1968)

Sheep People's Personality by Blood Types

Sheep People Born in Different Periods of a Day

The Sheep people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The Sheep people born in the morning are passive, conservative, and lack of independence ability. The advantage is reliable. They would not handle things proactively but only step forward when others press them. So, they are not fit to be directors. The women usually remain in their proper sphere. They are conservative and reliable, centering their lives on the family. They are fond of studying cooking, flower-arranging, decoration and usually handle the home affairs well.
The Sheep people born at noon are irritable and unstable in character. Once there are small achievements, they will get over excited. While meeting small setbacks, they will seriously upset. So, there are always ups and downs for their fortune. Cultivating the mind by reading more Buddhist books can be helpful to their personality and help them success more easily.
Like the Sheep people born in the morning, those who born during night are conservative. They are not fit for pioneering works. Work hard in a large company or in the executive branch of the government step by step is best for them to be promoted. As they are unskilled in social intercourses, keep a fixed post instead of changing jobs frequently are better. Most of them can save up some money when young and live a good life. The women are good housewives, managing financial affairs and housework orderly.

Detailed Character Analysis of Sheep

In Chinese calendar, Sheep is the most softhearted animal sign. In daily life, Sheep people are tender, considerate, honest and kind. Although they are modest and have poor rebellious spirit, it is impossible to require them to work helplessly under the pressure.

Known as the good Samaritans, people under the Sheep sign can forgive the faults and understand the difficulties of others easily, and they love to get along with others and treat those who are willing to cooperate with them with all sincerity no matter where they go. When you have nowhere to live and are as poor as a church, your Sheep friends will never see you in dilemma without offering help.

Generally, Sheep people are introverted and shy and they have a persistent pursuit of art. Although they are not good at communicating with others, they have a strong creativity in art and always make others feel gentle and cultivated. Also, they behave gracefully and leave a noble impression even if not dressed up. They care a lot about their behaviors, love to smile and have a pure and kind heart.

Most of them are the naturalists who love kids and animals. Seemingly, they are weak but they are actually rude and misanthropic, so they often criticize the negative phenomena in society and carry forward the positive energy in artistic creation. This is a noble quality of people under the Sheep sign.

Sheep people hate the strict constraints and cannot be strict with themselves but they seldom criticize others at the same time.

They are eager to attract people's attention and will be elated on the praise of their abilities and strong points; also, they have an elegant appreciation taste.

They like to be bound in their own small circle and cannot be separated from family or favorite food. They won't forget their birthday or other festivals. On every special day, they would celebrate in a showy way and they are especially sensitive to their own days. If you forget to celebrate their birthday or visit them when they are in hospital, they will feel sad and heart-broken, and perhaps will never forget about it in the whole life.

People under the animal sign of Sheep tend to be gloomy, or sentimental, and pessimistic towards anything, and they often see things badly. This pessimistic spirit often brings some negative impacts to people around and an adverse effect to their own mental state.

Highly dependent, they could not give play to their talents unless work under the strict conditions. The secretary with a tough attitude and the aggressive colleagues will greatly improve their work efficiency.

One of their shortcomings lies in that they cannot easily get rid of depression and tend to be deep in the pain while others have forgotten about it.

They love to indulge, cannot be strict with themselves, and yearn for the free life. They can be extremely hardworking or lazy in daily life. Most of them are diligent but often indulge themselves too much in other aspects, thus develop a lot of bad habits, such as playing all night, and going to bed without taking a shower.

Sheep people are compassionate and ready to help others but the blind sympathy makes it easier for them to be tricked. They are kind, honest and often infected by the misfortunes of others; even the poor are not talking the truth, Sheep people still help them without hesitation, so they are easily deceived.

Another shortcoming is that they are irresolute and their roundabout attitude always makes others angry, but this is their temper.

A typical weakness of Sheep people is that they cannot spend appropriately but at will. In spite of this, they don't need to work hard to make a living as the good fortune will come to them naturally.

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