The Female Monkey in Love

The lively and lovely female Monkeys are humorous and skilled in communication and dealing with all people. Such quick-witted girls are extremely popular with the opposite sex and they are the joy of friends and the focus in the crowd, thus pursued by a lot of men. They are picky in choosing boyfriends and once fall for someone, they would become lively and romantic and emphasize the romantic sentiment in each dating. If their boyfriends can give them the different romances, they would fall in quickly.

Female Monkeys' Attitude towards Love

The active Monkey girls hate to be restrained by anyone or any relationship. If they have to give up freedom for love, they would rather be alone. Perhaps only if they meet the one for whom they are willing to give up freedom can they become attached. What they want is a shelter to count on and a happy family.

How Should Female Monkeys Maintain Love Relationship?

Female Monkeys can be as hot as flame or as cold as ice. In a word, they are extreme in personality and elusive for others to read since they shift from one to another. This is particular in love relationship and they may blow hot and cold towards love, making their boyfriends quite confused and seized with panic. At the very beginning, their boyfriends may care about it but after a long time would feel it is a kind of alienation adverse to the relationship. To get happiness, Monkey girls are suggested to change the bad habit and show their men more love and passion.

How to Know How Much a Female Monkey Loves You

The generous Monkey girls often spend money like water and they go after the trendy things and endless joys by spending. With no knowledge of making ends meet, they would buy everything they want directly without hesitation. It can be said that Monkey women have the best knowledge of enjoyment among the twelve animal signs. If you find your Monkey girl suddenly becomes frugal and reluctant to spend on unnecessary items and tries to save up and manage money matters, it means she is thinking about getting married and staying with you for the whole life.

What Kind of Men Do Monkey Women Like?

1) Handsome Men
In general, women born in Monkey years are intelligent and good-looking face-judgers and they tend to look for a handsome husband. In daily life, they would be attracted by the handsome and say no to the average-looking directly. 
2) Gentle and Kind Men
Kind-hearted and helpful in everyday life, women under the Monkey sign tend to favor the gentle and kind men who can take care of them and offer help to others and dislike the evil-minded men of no scruples. 
3) Humorous Men 
The kind, smart and humorous female Monkeys are the joy of everyone and they can easily fall for men who always smile and play jokes while have no interest in the serious men who always keep a straight face. 

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