Monkey in Love

Those born in the year of Monkey are cheerful, optimistic, intelligent, witty and full of practical spirit. They attach great importance to love and hold an optimistic attitude towards things related to the relationship. Monkeys like to be free and hate being bound by others. Once they feel uncomfortable and are bound beyond the bottom line, they will run away immediately.
The romantic Monkey people are crazy for romance and their love will never go boring and depressing.
Determined and persistent in love, Monkeys will try every means to win the heart of their crush with sincerity and hence enjoy a good relationship.
People of Monkey sign are very absorbed in love relationship and they value the feeling. For them, the biggest weakness is that they expect too much about romance and always long for a special love, thus miss those who really care about them in daily life.
Another fatal weakness of Monkeys is their 3-minute passion which may ruin the relationship. They can be very passionate when they are head over heels in love but become a little cold and indifferent after that. For this reason, they are suggested to remain passionate to get the feeling of novelty.
Trust and inclusion are required to maintain the relationship with a Monkey who has two faces in love and is different when being alone and living together. As a result, you need to ignore the details and move him/her with your tolerance and trust.

Monkey Man in Love

The alert and resourceful Monkey men are all-rounders in life and they appreciate the wise women who can assist their husbands. They are romantic and very nice to their lovers. Also, male Monkeys are less practical for love and tend to be fickle and demanding. They love freedom and freshness and hate to be constrained; they are so moody that no one can be in the grip of their temperament. → Male Monkey's Attitude Towards Love

Monkey Woman in Love

The lively and lovely female Monkeys are humorous and skilled in communication and dealing with all people. Such quick-witted girls are extremely popular with the opposite sex and they are the joy of friends and the focus in the crowd, thus pursued by a lot of men. They are picky in choosing boyfriends and once fall for someone, they would become lively and romantic and emphasize the romantic sentiment in each dating. → Female Monkey's Attitude Towards Love

How to Know a Monkey is in Love with You?

Monkey is a sign which attaches great importance to affection and holds an optimistic attitude towards love relationship. People of Monkey sign love freedom and hate being bound by affection. Determined and persistent in love, they would try every means to win the love of their crush. Click the following link to find out the signs of a Monkey in love with you. → How to Know a Monkey is in Love with You?

Monkey Love Compatibility

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