Female Monkey Personality Traits

Female Monkeys are smart and easy-going. They are beautiful, sociable, charming and good at enlivening the atmosphere, thus always the focus of social places. Most of them are fond of artistic performance and talented in acting. The cheerful and energetic Monkey women never compromise to any setbacks. Instead, they would adjust in time to meet the challenge and forge ahead bravely towards the established goals. Of course, they have the unique personality common to people under the Monkey sign: competitive, resourceful and shrewd in money matters.

With a strong sense of superiority, Monkey women are very proud and a little selfish in life. They are lively and active and don't like being in a rut. Always tidy and well-dressed, they pay special attention to hairstyles and dress up as smartly and beautifully as possible. In addition to participating in various social activities, they also find time to develop hobbies. Monkey girls are usually the most fashionable in the city. They are sociable, resourceful and talented in mixing with people. Besides, they never give money easily, thus can accumulate a good fortune.

The confident and charming female Monkeys tend to be proactive in love and relationship. They don't like to wait and could express their inner thoughts when they fall for someone. What's more, they dress up to the nines, which improves their chances to start a relationship. They are strict in choosing a partner and wish their partners have an attractive personality.

Every female Monkey is a potential able woman who can stay calm in the face of changing situations and always can find a solution to any difficulty by making a painstaking investigation. As the natural all-rounder, they can carve a niche no matter in what industry.


Warm and Cheerful
Women under the Monkey sign are dashing, spirited, easy-going, friendly, warm and cheerful. In daily life, they are enthusiastic, smile to their families and friends, and know how to enlighten others with positive energy.

Quick-witted and Determined
Monkey women are quick-witted, wise, experienced and talented. Also, they are firm and would not change their minds once determined.

The humorous and sociable female Monkeys can break the ice no matter where they are. They are good at dealing with people, speaking in a polite tone, and reading faces and minds. When you talk with them, you will enjoy the feeling.


Monkey women are impulsive, always act immediately when they come up with an idea and never ponder over it. Like the Aries girls, they often make decisions based on intuition. Without preparation, however, they would suffer a bad loss. Impulse is a devil and Monkey women need to stay away from it.

Female Monkeys are moody, impatient, cunning, conceited and opportunistic. When you stay with them, you will find that they are as capricious as the weather - sunny this moment and rainy next. They are just the emotional creature.

In daily life, female Monkeys like to be dominating and cannot accept being left behind. Not only that, they are also vain and somewhat proud and insolent because of their talent. Under the temptation of vanity, they may get hypocritical in order to reach the goal. However, reality is cruel and once their hypocritical face is figured out, they will waste all the previous efforts. As a result, they are suggested to be prudent.

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