tiger dream

Asked by charlene adams | 10/1/2018 3:41:02 AM

I had a dream that I found a tiger and it was living with me but I new everytime I let it out there was a risk something would happen then I noticed a man and a woman kinda spying on me when I let the tiger out the next day I saw a bunch of people trying to kill it then I though I found it and it was alive under some debris but when I moved the stuff out of they way it was a lion not a tiger .I felt that the tiger got away but not a 100 percent and then the strange woman came to my house and I told her she caused this and why couldn't she just leave us alone we werent hurting any one then I woke up

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Kelly 10/3/2018 10:04:55 PM

Hi charlene adams,

This dream means that you are under pressure to make a big decision. It is a positive dream means you could succeed although you will meet the serious challenge.

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